IVF & Cirrhosis - Pessimistic 😔

Hi All, I'm 37 and have chronic liver problems that effect my platelets as well as other symptomatic problems. I also have PCOS and have not ovulated properly in the last 7 years (the last year not at all), to make matters worse my partner has sperm mobility of 11% and is diabetic. I am on metformin (1500) and still not ovulating but it has been only 3 weeks. I saw my fertility doctor today, she told me the results of my AMH test which shows I have an unusually large egg reserve of over 96 whatever that means and really there is not much hope of conceiving without IVF but will not apply for funding until the risk to me is assessed in their team meeting and depending on what my pre-conception counsellor says. I didn't think I would be that upset about this as I am normally quite level headed about things and that fate will decide but I feel devastated and like I am a useless now. :.( has anyone been through anything similar?? X

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  • Hi Miss_C78.I was so sorry to read of all your problems you have to overcome in trying to have a family. Often polycystic ovaries can usually be regulated with fertility drugs, however, it can take a while to do this. Metformin is a good start, but needs to be taken usually for 2 months, and then perhaps your consultant may introduce Clomid too. Having a partner with sperm motility problems, would point to you probably needing to have some form of IVF/ICSI treatment. Obviously, the fact that you have cirrhosis and platelet problems could put you at risk of bleeding during such procedures. Depending on what caused your liver problem, you may have to wait for some improvement in the condition before proceeding - I don’t know, as certain drugs could add to the condition. I’m sure if there is a way through all of this it will be found for you, but it will probably take time. I hope all goes well with the counsellor when you see her/him and that you get the support that you need at the moment. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, it was due to alcohol addiction but have been in recovery and sober for 2 years, with funding only being available for IVF until 39 I'm scared of running out of time, just hoping that having a positive attitude will help also :) X

  • Hi Miss_C78. I did wonder, but the good thing is that you are past your 6 months "dry" and you have been referred already, so hopefully they will get you put forward for IVF/ICSI soon. I think your main worry is your platelets, so if they are stable, then you should be able to get cracking! Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you so much, you've made me feel a little more positive about it! :)

  • Hi Miss_C78. That's great to hear - and don't lose it! Diane

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