How many folicles is normal?

I am on 150 fostimon and Bureslin I had a blood test yesterday and my hormone levels were high so came in for a scan today and I have quite a lot of folicles, over 20. I have been told to carry on with the same dose as only around 8 of the folicles are of good size. Is this normal? Am worried as they said if I have over 20 they most likely will cancel my treatment and start over? In for another scan Monday with egg collection either weds or Friday hopefully


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  • It depends on the clinic, I'm surprised they are keeping you on the same dose as follicles can grow quite quickly but they must be confident it's the right dose. On my first go I had more than 20 follicles & there was no issue & I know a lot of other people have as well.

    If they mention cancelling then ask them why? If it's just numbers then I'd personally question that but it could be that they think you're at risk of OHSS which can be serious.

    Give them a call, it's their job to talk you through their decisions so don't let them get away with anything less. Good luck xx

  • Yeah I think it's the risk of OHSS but they didn't give much away which was annoying just asked me to come back on Monday for another scan. Fingers crossed its all ok.

    See you've had your transfer how did you get on?


  • Hi lianm8 sounds like you are doing well so far, at my egg collection i had 40 follicles with only 18 of them containing an egg,13 mature and 8 fertilised... Because i had so many ment i was at risk of ohss and my fresh transfer was canceled (to let my body settle back down) then replaced with a frozen transfer 3 month later. We ended up with 3 blastocysts to work with and currently have 1 on board, im pretty sure that is what the nurse is meaning to happen for you. Im sure they will monitor you closely coming up to your egg collection if they think you will be at risk an explain all of this to you so id try not to worry to much x

  • Thank you for the info it's nice to hear from others who have been in similar situations. Will be a bit gutted if I have to wait another 3 months but I suppose it's all for a reason and good things come to those that wait! Where you very bloated? I get pains in my tummy and I am so bloated I look about 5 months pregnant, oh the irony 😁

    How did your frozen transfer go when did you have it?


  • I know it is really nice to be able to share experiences with others that are in simular situations, i think from u get over 25 follicles u are at risk of ohss, i was told at egg collection they may say im fine to go ahead but as it happened the doc that did the procedure could see on the scan that i have lots of free fluid in my abdominal cavity with would only get worse if i had gotten pregnant so that was the reason for mine being put on hold! I was happy not to take any chances as it can be life threatening! I had my FET on monday im now 5dp5dt the wait really wasnt that long for me as it was coming up to xmas and it just started a new job so time went so quickly, hopefully you'll be fine to go ahead with ur fresh cycle...all the best with everything to come xx

  • Yes i was very bloated but as i have polycystic ovaries i realised its a very simular pain and feeling to what i got every month anyway so it didnt bother me too much until the last few days x

  • Hi Lianm8. I'm in same situation the first part as you. Went for blood test yesterday and hormone level too high and I don't have period yet and they won't reduce my Nasal spray dosage. Have to go back on Tuesday for blood test and scan. Hoping I get period before then. Hope they don't cancel your treatment but if your at risk then hope the best is done for you xx

  • Hey macca13 thanks for your reply! The nurse seemed unsure at first whether to decrease my dosage and spoke to a consultant who told her to tell me to keep it as it is. I am back on Monday so hopefully everything is ok bit gutting if they cancel it after such a long wait!! When are you looking at EC?


  • It's not nice at all, I asked about getting dosage reduced and they didn't answer me. Spoke to a friend last night who is a midwife and she said she can't understand their reasoning at all. I'm a good bit of EC have injections to start on Thursday for two weeks. I hope they can give you some satisfactory answers on Monday and not cancel, I know you would be gutted after waiting so long but wouldn't want you or anyone to be at risk of ohss. Let us know how Monday goes. You will be in my thoughts xx

  • I had 20 eggs collected so must have had at least 20 follicles and haven't developed OHSS. Make sure you are drinking lots of water though, even before egg collection but especially after.

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