Egg collection sat morning excited & scared ! 😊

Hi everyone had another scan today and there are 4 folicles above 14 and 3 folicles over 20 odd so they may be over mature but they will still collect anyway so relieved its not being cancelled as one nurse made out to me on Sunday leaving me distraught and was told today she was reported by the nurse i seen today and tuesday as she can't go on to put people down in such a delicate emotional time.

fingers crossed they get a couple ! Xxx

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  • Hi, that all sound positive they like them to be between 18-24 so having 3 @ 20 sounds just what they are looking for! I had EC on Monday and I was so scared but honestly for me it was the easiest part of the journey! I felt a little tender afterwards and next day but it's just like bad period cramps nothing paracetamol can't handle! Good luck with it all but sounds like your on a good path! X

  • Thanks berina i was really scared few days ago thinking about egg collection but then had a bit of a worry as didn't seem i was stimulating alot with medication but things have improved so now i can't wait for it lol and off work for over a week so plenty of rest for me :) how many eggs did you get & whrn is your transfer? Hope it goes very well for you x

  • With my egg collection they popped the drugs in my hand and then I woke up in the recovery room with no idea what happened I was amazed - all that worry and it was fine! You'll do great and just concentrate on a lovely week off work to relax xxx

  • My egg collection is in the morning! Sounds positive for you! Good number as well! I'm a poor responder, so on 600 units of gonal f. I get excited if I get more than 1 good egg! Fingers crossed for both of us!

  • Good luck filmgirl 101 it will be over before you know it! Wishing you luck xxx

  • Good luck filmgirl hope you get a good result let us know how you get on and find it all xx

  • Thankyou berina will do :) xx

  • That's great Herrys. Much more positive. Good luck with EC hopefully there are a few good ones in there! take care x

  • Thanks hopeful hope so too πŸ™ xx

  • That sounds positive. Good luck for Saturday! I had my EC on Tuesday and didn't find it too bad - just a little sore and tired for a couple of days but nothing major.

    I had my embryo transfer this afternoon and couldn't believe how quickly it is done! I was in an out of the clinic in about half an hour including a consultation with the doctors etc!

    I didn't realise quite how draining the whole process is until I relaxed when I got home this afternoon and I've been sparko ever since!

    Good luck with it and keep us posted x

  • Thanks cazo aww fingers crossed for you now ! I will do 😊 xx

  • good luck

  • Thanks nellynel 😊 x

  • Good luck thinking of you x x x

  • Thanks lucy :)

    We got 5 eggs collected πŸ˜€ very pleased fingers crossed they fertalize πŸ™ xx

  • 5 is fantastic! Hooray for you! I got 3 good ones. Fingers crossed they grow! My embryo transfer is Monday morning followed by acupuncture, when is yours?

  • Im not sure yet they said they are going to let me know how they go find out at 11 in the morning i haven't got anything planned like acupuncture wanted to but just didn't end up booking it. Is this your 1st IVF ? Xx

  • IVF number 8! The 6th round worked despite having only 1 follicle (1egg). She's now 2 years. Round 7 ended in early miscarriage 2 follicles (3 eggs, 2 were a bit small). Round 8 is our final go, if little madam is meant to have a sibling, this is it! It took 6.5 years to get her as we only had 1 go on the NHS.

  • Aww bless you filmgirl you've really been through it ! Rooting for you ! This is our first ivf cycle we've been trying for 5 years had 5 miscarriages and we are really hoping this is the path to our rainbow baby 😊 xx

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