Any experience/ knowledge please?

So I've had my et (yay) & I knew my clinic give aspirin as standard for afterwards.

Out of nowhere they have also given me prednison which is a steroid. It's only for 20days max. I know it's used for implantation issues, clotting issues, miscarriages auto-immune issues but I have NONE of those... Would you take it? It's a steroid! How can it only be safe... any help appreciated as hubby is very much against it xx

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  • Babe I took it up until 13 weeks x I've spike to lots of people who have said it's helped them get heir bfp x

  • Ps is just an added something to give it an extra shot. X I personally took for immunes but a lot of people have just been prescribed it in general

  • Thanks. My worry is I've only got it for 20days... what if my immune system drops so I get implantation but as soon as it stops it goes right up & then causes a miscarriage... I'm having treatment abroad so I have no way of getting another prescription. I'm just not sure if it's a risk worth taking... they were really good embryos & I know I have no implantation issue 😞 I hate not having a crystal ball xx

  • Aww. I doubt it's anything to worry about hun maybe ask why they've only prescribed it for a short amount of time. I'm sure if there were any issues they wouldn't prescribe them. Go with your gut babe x I doubt it will do any harm but I know a lot of people have them as precautions. They can be given to people with failed cycles. .. do you fall under that category? X

  • Thanks hun, my only failed cycle was when we didn't get to ET due to the embryos all arresting. This is why I'm more baffled as I could understand & willing take them if there was anything in my history to say I needed them... I know we all want this to work but I've spent 4months eating healthy & being prepared so taking strong drugs with know logical reason doesn't feel right. I'm so glad they worked for you, if your body needs it, it's gonna to help but I honestly don't think mine does so I'm worried it will do the opposite. Sorry for ranting 😊 Xxx

  • Ask why they've been prescribed.

    Your right what your saying don't take them babe as yiu have no reason too and they can be harsh x

  • Thanks hun :) xx

  • Hi, I took medrone which is also a steroid but I took it from ec day and only for 4 days. It seemed to be part of the standard protocol at my clinic. The leaflet I got says that it is to suppress immune system while the embryo is implanting, so maybe this is why it was only given for 4 days, I don't know. I have heard of people who have clotting problems taking steroids for longer. I would call the clinic for reassurance, so that you can make the right decision.

  • Thanks hun, I can totally understand 3-4 days but 20 seems like I'm setting myself up. I'm defo gonna speak to them tomorrow xx

  • Hi Poochi,

    I was also prescribed Prednisolone, a very small dosage of 5mg for 12 weeks. I also didn't have any issues with implantation, but I had a miscarriage last year. My clinic was also in the Czech Rep, so I think it may just be standard practice for that clinic. My clinic was RG.

    I thought to myself, because its such a small dose, and this will be my final go I will try anything :-) . I am now nearly 22 weeks :-)

    Best wishes,


  • How much is the dose I was 25 mg.

    Let is know what they say z

  • Hi it's just 5mg. They've said no medical reason it can just help with some people so they prescribe to everyone x

  • Oh okay! So are you going to take them or leave them? X

  • I'm going to leave them x

  • I had these during our 1st and 2nd rounds of treatment but not in the 3rd as this was at a different clinic. It seems some clinics use them as part of their standard protocol. I would contact your clinic for advise.

  • When's test day babe x

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