Please sign πŸ˜‡

Hi all, 

I am sorry to bleet like a sheep lol but petition is struggling at the mo at 1,870 signatures. Government set crazy limit of 10,000!

I have tried to amend the wording as having spoken to several couples we should all be entitled to the 3 NICE recommended cycles of NHS funded IVF. 

Equality for all couples across the uk irrelevant of sexuality, post code and whether or not u have children from previous relationship/s

We all have the right to access our NHS for what we may need it for πŸ’œπŸ’™ 

Please sign it's only an email address and name and thank you all who have as I do not get to see who has placed votes. 

Help me to be your voice Please 

All my love for your journeys 

Sam xxx

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  • Signed it xx

  • Thank you so so much emzlou25 xxx

  • Ur so welcome babez xx

  • Xxxxxx

  • Signed!! xxx

  • Thank u so much ladyboss397 and thank u your user name made me smile 😊 Brilliant xxx

  • 😜 xxx

  • Signed x

  • Thank u so so much apswhite πŸ’œπŸ’™xxx

  • Kylie osborne 

  • Hi kylie did you want me to message you? Xxx

  • Hi, my email to confirm signature is not coming through. Not sure if my signature has been added /K

  • Of course sorry lol thank you xxx

  • I think I have done it for u kylie you should get an email and when u acknowledge that the vote is placed. Thank you so very much xxx

  • Signed :) Will share, too.


  • Thank you so much Anna! So good to get yours and others support in hope that we can stand up together xxx

  • Signed xx

  • Thank you Gemma so nice to get all your support to see if we can try and get this changed together xxx

  • how to do it ?..? hopefully it will come true quick enough before I am get too old to qualify😒 still willing to sign !

  • Ditto Hun it probably won't change in my time but if it can make other couples journeys less of a struggle and financial burden it's worth a go πŸ‘Xxx

  • Signed :)

  • Ah thank you mommabear super cute user name love it lol 🐻Xxx

  • Signed it too. Keep going, it's a worthy petition x

  • Thank you so much sharlywarly will keep trying. Thanks for you support xxx

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