Transfer and frozen

Embryo transfer happened today (day 4). Really positive looking and it was an amazing experience to be able to share it with my husband too who could be in the room and took pictures of our chosen embryo (which is called junior).

Still so much to go through and have everything crossed.

We also got a call this afternoon and have had 4 embryos frozen so we are over the moon.

2ww starts now.

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  • Great news!! Welcome to the 2ww. Good Luck 🍀🍀

  • Good luck hun!! Welcome to the 2 week wait club!! Xx

  • That's super! x

  • Welcome to the circus!! Glad to hear it all went well and fingers crossed for good news soon xx

  • Great news, good luck for the next 2 weeks xx

  • Aww good luck for the 2ww, and 4 frozen too well done little embryos! It'll be my turn tomorrow morning for transfer Eek xx

  • Wow lovely news, good luck 🍀⭐️🍀 xx

  • Congrats welcome to the club 🤞🏿For the both of us🙏🏿

  • Great u have a little team of Frosties for siblings!! Good luck with your 2 ww xxx

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