11 weeks pregnant

Just to give you all some hope.. Going to my embryo transfer was not the best I was told my egg quality was very poor they transferred two eggs but was told they both wasn't very good at all, I had no more eggs to freeze just these two little embryos I had to pray for and I did a lot of that.. prayed! During the two week wait I had sore boobs that was it. I was convinced it hadn't worked but here I am Sat here 11 weeks pregnant looking at my baby scan, one embryo fought and stuck. So don't give up ladies. Keep hoping and fighting for your little embryos.

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  • That is lovely to read little miss 93. I've just had my ET today & im already excited at the thought of being 11wks pg :) I'm very happy for you, wishing you a very healthy pregnancy xx

  • aww I wish you all the luck in the world, I do hope its a positive I shall look out for your post :). Thank you for your lovley comment :) xx

  • Congratulations lovely to hear your good news

    Wishing u a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you, xx

  • Hello little_miss_93

    Congratulations. I am glad you mentioned prayers. Indeed prayers changes everything. So ladies keep praying, keep seeking, keep asking, keep believing and try not to panic.

    Sending you all lots of love.

  • I believe it helped.my eggs were really poor quality someone up there was looking down on me! Xx

  • Congratulations hun! This is really encouraging as I was told something similar. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and baby x

  • That's lovely to read . Look after yourself and bump . 😊

  • Thank you for sharing your stressful yet beautiful ending case.

    It has really brought me tears to my eyes and a great feeling of happiness and hope.

    Loads of love and best of luck with everything ☺

  • Thank you ladies, miracles can and do happen so don't give up. One little fighting embryo is all it takes!. Wish every one of you the best, it's not an easy journey at all, but keep praying and keep positive! 😘 xxxx

  • Wow congratulations. They wont let me try with my very poor egg quality. Send all the bestest wishes in the world. Enjoy xxx

  • Well I had literally those 2 eggs that was it. No more eggs no more tries so I took the chance :) I had to really xx

  • Amazing news little-miss-93, thanks for sharing your happy news here. Really helps give others hope (which going through this you need that). Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy πŸ’ž x x x

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