Time off work?

Hi all,

I had my transfer today and the hospital have said take the time off work.

I'm a teacher and was considering going back after two or three days. They have given me a medical certificate.

I'm worried about my classes, although I've made sure that they've all reached a point with the modules we are doing where they would be working independently.

Any advice from people who've been through this? Some of my days are very busy, break time duties in the canteen etc so no respite.

Thanks for your advice. I hate feeling guilty.


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  • Hi Star,

    I took 10 days off, but my job involves a lot of manual handling and can be long hours on my feet, so I just wanted to relax and be stress free. But I think if I had a desk job, and stress free, I would have went back after a few days. ( not for a moment am I suggesting that teaching is a desk job :-) ) Just my opinion tho.

    Try not to feel guilty about taking time off Starr!. This time is all about taking care of you. I know how you feel tho :-) I felt guilty at the start of my pregnancy that others were doing more than me lol. ( I am nearly 22 weeks :-) now ).

    Good luck and wishing you a BFP


  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Did you get your bfp on the go you took the time off for?

  • Hi Star,

    I actually have had two transfers, for both took around 10 days off. Both were a BFP, but unfortunately last year miscarried at 7+ weeks.

  • Hello

    I worked during the 2ww but I have a desk job so probably on my feet a lot less! If you do go back speak to your line manager about the break time and lunch time duties as I don't think you should do those. When you're in class you should be fine - just sit down as much as you can!

    At the end of the day do what feels right for you. I went to work because I felt fine and it kept me busy but if you're going worry about it impacting on the success of treatment then stay off.

    Good luck! x

  • Hi I'm taking most of the 2wks off. Don't feel guilty, have faith that your colleagues will be able to cope. If you want to give one of them your number & tell them to call you if they need advise or even help with marking that you can do at home. It's not an easy choice but when you go on maternity you'll be having a lot more time off xx

  • You've got to do what's right for you and to give you the best chance at getting a BFP. I doubt you'd be feeling this guilty if you were laid up with the flu. Your colleagues and students will manage without you for a few days or the 2 weeks.

  • Thank you, it helps to hear it put in such a straightforward matter. Cheers!

  • Take time off and feet up I did and it worked for me x

  • I plan on having a mixture of time off and work but I have a desk job which is very stressful. X

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