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Re starting pill day 3 of bleed

Hi I came on properly Tuesday ( at 3pm) bled heavily from then, all day yesterday and today seems lighter but I've been told to take pill on day 3 of full bleed ( so tmr) but doubt I'll be bleeding that much so won't be a proper heavy bleed. I only seem to get spotting for a week then 2 days really heavy then hardly anything for 2 days . Has this happens to anyone else?

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😔 this is what I have! Right now! Can't you call and say you don't know if it is day 3? xx


I rang nurse yesterday told her i came on Monday 3 pm she said to count day 1 as Tuesday and start pill Thursday . But I'll hand stopped bleeding don't spose it does matter . X


Hi Aimaim77. Please start taking the pill from tomorrow, Thursdy. Periods can be so different, and you've been waiting long enough. You will be OK, so good luck! Diane


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