so confused

hi i had my egg transfer on the 5th of december i had 2 implanted but 2 days later i started bleeding (when i started would of been my normal time to have my period )it was brown at first then it went to bright red it lasted for 1 day then went a light pink then back to red bleed for 5 days i take my preg test on the 19th not sure weather to now as i cant help but think it be a BFN i have also read up that crinone can make your bleed has his happen to anyone else and got BFP or have i lost both my embies

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  • Hi kat2978. Oh dear! It’s so confusing as you say, when this happens. A bleed can be due to a number of reasons and doesn’t necessarily signal the end of your embies. Crinone can sometimes irritate the cervix and cause a bit of bleeding. Remember that you had 2 embryos transferred. Maybe one of them hasn’t continued to grow – I don’t know, but if not, then there is another one trying hard. Do carry on with your medication and rest when you can, as you just have a few days left to wait before testing. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hey Hun hope your okay I also had a transfer on the same day as u and my test day is also on the 19th I've tested today and mine is negative although ive hardly had any bleeding I spotted pink on day 3 and day 5 I spotted a bit of brown, I think it's prob better to get some bleeding as it shows something is happening, this sounds like a good sign something is happening 😁😄 my endo pains are slowly coming back so I think time is a no go for me was it a 5 day transfer xxxx

  • hi abbie mine were morula it never went to blastocyst but was told that if they put the only to embies i had that were good enuff in it will give me better chance i cant but help think that it was my period i had as it was on the day i normally due on the only thing that keeps me going is that it kept chancing colour i so hope this has worked as this is my last ivf treatment unless i fund it myself feel so deflated

  • I have been weak since et on the 5th I have been so negative but this isn't the way I should be I should be holding onto some hope, it is good that it changed colour as this could indicate implantation bleeding like I said I've hardly had anything at all but woman who do have bleeding I think are the most likely to become pregnant, do u hae any symptoms, I'm loosing hope now as I'm testing negative on day 9 past blast transfer how much bleeding was there you wouldn't think your period would come so soon tbh, u might have lost one embi and the other one is still holding on xxxx 😄

  • well at first it was very light then for 3 days it was heavy then it stopped all day yesterday i never had anything then 2day wen i used crionoe i started again but its very light pink ive bee feeling sick but not actually throwing up and have been feeling really tired but have read up and crinone can cause that normally i have sore boobs b4 i come on and they settle down after ive stoped but this time they were only sore b4 i started bleeding im just hoping that 1 embie wanted to stick around

  • I think even though u have had this bleed I think it's sounding very promising, the fact it's been changing colour and isn't like your normal period is a good sign, who knows u might have had all this bleeding but still have both embies there it as happened our body's are strange things, how r u feeling today have u stopped bleeding xxx I test on the same day as u even though I've had negative tests I'm holing onto that last bit of hope xxxx

  • hi hun yeah im ok no bleeding i also did a test on saturday and got negative but it was probably to early so fingers x we both get a positive on saturday will be thinking of u that day hun how have u been feeling have to say these 2ww is the most horriable time especially this close to christmas xxx

  • I agree the 2ww wait as been so horrible for me I have felt so disorientated just trying to keep busy it's like I want Saturday to come but I don't because I know it's over if it's negative, I did a test Sunday and Monday and Mine was negative so I'm so worried as with a 5dt I thought would have shown now, if u did a test before thee bleeding stopped that's why it might have been negative because implantation had not finished, 😁 your right I think my Christmas is going to be terrible if I still et a negative on test day, I'm going to get a first response for Saturday as ive just been using cheap ones I want a clear result xxx what's your reason for infertility

  • hi hun i had a miscarrage wen i was 18 and it caused me to get Pelvis Imflamatory Diesase witch blocked my tubes witch i only belived u got if u had a STI but no misscarage can cause it aswell (thank god as ) dosent ur hospital/clinic give you a test coz the hospital im at gave me one but i did by first responce wen i tested i think ur prob right i was still bleeding wen did test i kinda think its over 4 me aswell as not had sore boobs or anything but chin up hun u never i will keep my fingers x for u xxx

  • I've had a miscarriage and also pelvic immflatory disease as we'll maybe that's what brought my endo up as it all started after that just wish Saturday would hurry up so I can move on with my life xxxx

  • i know just how u feel these days just seem to drag on for ever ive tried everything to take my mind of it but nothing works as it just keeps creeping bk its horriable xxx

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