Fed up

Can not bloody beleve it . Periods disappeared again I'm getting sick of this.

On a plus note I went and picked up all my meds . I got the nasal spray , 3 lots of pessarys ( what r they for ?) and some more pills , plus some solutions powder stuff but there r know needles? I have an app 20th Feb for scan and was told to bring a box of stuff with me . Will they supply me with the needles then ? Really confused .

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  • Hmmm....I got the needles from the pharmacy, so not sure if your clinic provides them. Or maybe you're taking gonal f, which are pen type injectors and no need for needles. Make sure you get a sharps bin as well. Some of the meds need to be in the fridge, so check this. Pessaries are taken for a few weeks after egg transfer. The solution/ powder you mention could be the trigger shot - is it pregnyl? This is what needs to be in fridge and also check the date on it because the one I got was quite short dated and you won't take this until just before ec, maybe a month from initial injecting,

  • The powder and solvent solution for injecting is called merional and says to store not above 25 degrees .

  • This is what I think will happen to me when I get to your stage. Already feel for you. Bled a little on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Nothing until once on Friday and nothing today. How is that a proper period?! But it might not even get any better!

  • I know I'm so fed up

  • Can you call and get advise? x

  • Yeah I'll call Monday . I'm going to have a really hot bath now see if that helps . How r u xx

  • Feeling weird about Monday. Try and relax... Easier said than done though xx

  • You will be absolutely fine Monday Hun . Honestly I was clapping myself last the but all that worrying wasn't worth it . I'm sure you will have a massive grin on your face when you come out of that app. Had a really hot bath earlier, I sort of feel a bit more like I'm going to come on slight tummy ache so hopefully it kicks in in the nxt few days . Probably Me stressing bout not coming on properly is making me not come on ! Let me know how u get on Monday xxx

  • Will do. Hope today treats you better! xx

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