Still waiting for period to start properly !!!!!

So, my last period was 12th dec and still haven't come on .

I've been spotting past few days , really wish it would start properly as want to start my pill.

The nurse said if I'm anymore than a week late ( from Tuesday just gone) then to call her as she wil have to re arrange all my scans and egg collection. If I come on properly by sat ( sat being first full day of bleed I'll be ok)

If I don't come on then I'm gonna be moved back again . Feeling very stressed at the mo . Felt so happy Tuesday when I got all my dates. Let's just hope I get period properly tmr or sat , .....

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  • mine didn't come and they told me to start the pill anyway. I did start and 4 days later my period came.

  • try having a hot bath as I am in the same boat, spotting on Monday and the bath brought the full flow so started my pill on Wednesday, hope that helps

  • Thanks I'll try that

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