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Sod's law - why is AF always late when you need it not to be?!

I'm sure I've read on here of other people having the same problem.

My time of the month is normaily pretty regular on 28 days, the only times it's normally late is after a failed IVF cycle when my body is sorting itself out (had a second failed cycle in October so November one was about 10 days late)

So why, when it was due last Thursday and I had to phone the clinic to say it had started ready for my next cycle, has it still not come? Aargh! I can't plan anything until I know dates so it's really annoying!

I can't understand it, I've had on and off very light bleeding over the last week (normal for me in the run up to it starting normally) and pain in my back and tummy as if it's happening but nothing!

Should I ring the clinic or just keep waiting? Anyone else have this? Could it be due to stress? (Had an incredibly stressful/upsetting week last week and lots of worry in life at the moment - could this have an impact?)

Hope everyone is getting on well with their journeys.

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Sorry to hear that your cycle wasn't successful.Stress can def have an effect on your period. And it's not uncommon for ivf to delay period cycles. If it would help reassure you by phoning your clinic do it, I had a simliar debate with myself last week! I did in the end call my GP and it did help put my mind at ease. Sometimes we just need that reassurance. I haven't been through ivf but I can emphasis on how frustrating it is when your body doesn't "behave" as it should. I know that one very well!!!! I hope the period comes soon so you can move forward. Good luck with it all hope you get your BFP soon 💕 x x x

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Probably is the stress hun, it can play havoc on our cycles. Sods law as you say! So sorry for your failed cycles, and hope your next starts very soon. I can definitely empathise, I, for the first time bloody ever I think, ovulated early in December meaning my cycle would be a few days early, and that would have caused us to have t postpone cycles again! God it was so stressful!! Thankfully the nurse agreed for me to go on norethisterone for a few days which delayed it enough. Give them a ring hun, just to let u.do know where you're at. Don't be surprised or upset if they ask if you've done a pregnancy test. Near bloody impossible for us, and they still ask if late 😂


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