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Will I get meds and start date at first appointment ??

Hi, first app is Tuesday , just wondered if I will get my meds at this appointment ? And what r the stages of medications , I'm guessing I'd have to take something to stop my periods , then other meds via inj . Can someone go through it please and how long roughly is it from taking first lot of meds and when would they start me on them, to egg collection ? Thank you xx

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Hi it depends on your clinic really and whether you're on long or short protocol. Our first appointment was 2nd October and I had to have a period then start injections on day 23 of my cycle. Medications were ordered to my house after we paid for them. I was on long protocol which was 3 weeks of one injection and 10 days of another then egg collection 8th December. Depends what medication they put you on though. They'll tell you everything at the appointment Just take one step at a time otherwise your mind will go into overdrive. Good luck with everything xx


Hi Aimaim77. "Fingerscrossed4" has described what happens very well, so try not to worry, as all will be revealed next Tuesday. Diane


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