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Anyone failed hormone blood test for IVF Qualification?

My wife had blocked tubes and had to have them removed. Unfortunately due to lots of delays getting her surgery done (due to lack of beds) and cancelled follow up appointments (due to the hospital), our blood tests that we'd had done at the start of the IVF process had expired. We had them redone just after christmas and my wife has just had a phone call from the hospital to tell her that her hormone levels are too high to qualify. They were fine on the original tests. Does anyone have any experience of this? The tests were the ones that need to be done during day's 2-4 of her period. We had to reschedule slightly because she was late. Could that make a difference?

Sorry if I'm rambling a little just a little devastated and not sure where we go from here.

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Hiya, so I presume your last tests were over 6 months ago, if they have expired. Some tests do vary so if your wife is recovering from surgery then her hormones may be a little confused right now. I am sure that a re test in a month or so will yield far better results.

Day 2 - 4 tests are usually for FSH and LH, and FSH can and does fluctuate no matter what the medics say. It is AMH that does not fluctuate (that is a day 3 test). If her cycle still has not settled due to surgery then this could be the reason, and that will improve. Was the FSH over 10? What was it before? I am sure with a good lifestyle (key is no caffeine, reduce dairy ALOT, reduce wheat and sugar), she will improve her numbers.

Age comes into it to, how old is she? I have read Inconceivable, about a lady in her 40s who had an astonishingly high FSH (mid 20's results) so was turned down by multiple IVF clinics. She changed her diet and lifestyle and reduced the FSH radically and ended up conceiving naturally, after being told there was no way she ever could. She did have good tubes but that is not as important as hormone levels when it comes to IVF.

As a note, a had very bad day 21 levels due to a a slightly, only slightly messed up cycle following surgery. The number has since improved radically, I just had the test done too soon after surgery. IVF drugs control the hormone levels so I am sure she will still quality. You can email me the numbers if you don't want to post them here and I can give you my honest feedback - as I have had a few IVF consultations myself (yes still undecided whether to go ahead as I have been given a v low chance of it working due to damaged ovaries from extensive endometriosis).

I understand how terribly worrying this all is, and I often lose sleep because if it myself. Take care of your wife and yourself, you are very good to be posting on her behalf. She clearly has a lot of support which is half the battle with IVF, I'm very impressed.


Thanks for your response. It was the FSH level that's high, apparently we need under 15 to qualify and it was 17. We can't quite remember what her initial tests were we think either 7 or 11, however it was over a year ago. As I said it took 6 months for her surgery to be scheduled and then it was 4 months before we got the next appointment. Her periods since the surgery have been a little early/late and she now gets occasional spotting mid way through her cycle. Whereas before she was pretty regular. Hopefully we'll be able okay with the retest but I've passed on your comments about dietary changes, she not looking forward to abstaining from caffeine. IVF is our only route as her tubes were so badly blocked they removed both (that was the surgery). Don't suppose you know how many re-tests we can get on the NHS do you?


Hi WorriedKL. Just to add to the "above" reply. Why not ask your GP to check your wife's FSH level again? Just remember that it must be done on Day 2 or 3 of her menstrual cycle for an accurate reading. Regarding AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) testing, this can actually be performed at any time during the cycle, but is usually unavailable on the NHS. The FSH level can sometimes be "upset" after surgery, but should soon settle back again. FSH normal levels are between 2-10 and AMH should read above 15 for a good result. Best of luck with it all. Diane


We've already got a re-test scheduled with the hospital, as well as another ultrasound to check for cysts. Just a worried because the hospital are warning us that the results don't tend to change. :-(


Hi. So sorry to hear this, but pleased that your wife is being re-tested. Unfortunately, as the hospital says, there is no magic solution to a rising FSH level. Should it persist, then it could be that you would need to use an egg donor in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. The rise is due her female hormone oestrogen level going down, and even if we give her a bucket full, it will not bring the FSH level down again. Occasionally, when the rise happens, it can fluctuate for a few months before carrying on with an upward trend. This is when, if it should fall temporarily, the clinic may offer an IVF cycle, but I couldn’t promise that. I do realise that this is all very stressful for you both, especially as you’ve experienced delays, and hope that the hospital will take that into consideration. Diane


Just to keep you updated. My wife had her retest yesterday and an ultrasound. The ultrasound was okay, she had 3 follicles on one side and 5 on the other, which apparently is okay. Had a call from the hospital today to say that the FSH level has come down to 14.1 so we qualify for the IVF. We have been told that it's still a long hard road and we may hit more bumps along the way. But feeling more positive.


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