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Here we go again wait wait wait.... :( (Donor egg ICSI)

So had appointment with donor egg consultant yesterday with counselling after... It was ok just two things that Im miffed about the wait its 4-9 months. We are not allowed to use donor eggs from couples that are doing the egg share we have to have eggs from a donor that effectively just walks in form the street and gives their eggs! hence the wait.... They are trying to appeal this in the Bristol area but we are in the Somerset area so wont affect us apart from all the Bristol people will get seen to first quickly and bump us up the list!.

The other thing i was a bit upset about was that now we will be using 'young' eggs they will only put 1 back in even though I am 38 years old and for the record we wont be allowed assisted hatching. On a plus note we are guaranteed 4 eggs possibly more. If it turns out its less than 4 then we will go back on the list for the next donor. Another plus is we have much more chance of having some embryos frozen so might have the chance to fund a sibling later on or if it doesn't work have another frozen embryo go thats still funded with this go on NHS.

So while im waiting im loosing as much weight as possible im on a VLCD so getting it off fast then once the bulk of its off i will follow a healthy eating plan - slimming world or something....

My BMI for the last round was 28 and its now gone up to 30.3! But with the last round of IVF I put on a bit and then Christmas didn't help. But im in the zone now and just want to be ready as possible to house this baby!

lots of Baby Dust to you all xx

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I've done VLcd diets, glad it's working for you as it did me, go careful and listen to your body at all times is my only real advice on that. I've found that my body doesn't really respond well at all to carbs for general well being or weight management, so doctors advice of a low carb diet prior to starting this month wasn't hard as it could have been. Good luck hun xx


Thank you - Ive dont Cambridge last year and got 4 stone off I get on really well with it so im not too worried about getting the weight off. I just want a couple of stone gone but have a long time to get it off! As you know 2 stone is nothing really on a VLCD so I will probably go for 1 and a half stone then start eating again! x

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Hi Blondyboo. Well, apart from the wait, you have a lot of positives going for you. Sadly CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and private clinics have their own set criteria as to how they go about recruiting and using egg donors. Still, it will be worth the wait, and you will have that bit of extra time to get rid of your “Christmas” pounds! Yes, when the time comes you will most likely be encouraged to just have one embryo transferred, but they are thinking of you and want to give you the best chance. Lovely though to have twins, but that comes with a new set of risks. You get to keep any embryos created, so as you say, they can be used at a later date, and will be quite safe waiting to be used. Let’s hope that this is your year. Diane

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I just wanted to add that when it comes to transfer I was told they are my embryos so it's my choice whether to put back one or two. BUT, transferring 2 doesn't double your chance of successful pregnancy in fact, I was told, it only increases the likelihood of success by 5%. Also miscarriage (and other complications/risks) are more common with twins so you do need to weigh up all the pros and cons.

In the end we had 4 good quality embryos and transferred the one that the embryologist felt was the best quality. If the quality had been lower I might have been tempted to transfer two. We were very fortunate and our little one stuck.

Good luck! I know it can feel like an eternity for things to get started! x

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