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Appointment changed now fri 22nd

Hi all

I called ACU at Halifax yesterday and spoke with a lovely lady. I explained that we are so not sure if DH even has an sperm as its 23 yrs since vasectomy and told her we were worried that we are going to be told that there is no hope. As our first appointment was to start at the beginning etc she has now changed the appointment to the Friday where we will meet with the urologist and basically he should be able to say if there is even a chance or not.

DH thinks they will so no straight away whereas I've read so much now on Pesa, Tesa and the like even though I'm trying not to I have a tiny bit of hope that he will still have sperm.

Am I being daft ????

Can he really still have sperm after all of these years???

Sorry for going on but we discussed it so much over Christmas I don't want to talk about it until we've had the appointment as I don't want us getting our hopes up.

If anyone has being through this after such a long time after vasectomy please let me know...


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Hi my husband had a blockage caused by a hernia he had as a teenager and they managed to get a good sample from him surgically just because it doesn't make it out of the body doesn't mean it's not still being produced and good quality. Hope this gives you some hope. Xxx


Hi Allicat

Thank you for getting back to me - that does give me some hope thank you. Can I ask - did it work for you both? Holly xx


Unfortunately not. We had 4 tries but no luck. We are now prospective adopters and hoping to get 2 children in the future. I wish you and your partner all the luck in the world. Xxx


Hi Allicat

I am so sorry to hear that - but good luck with the adopting and all the very best for the future. Thank you for your well wishes too xx


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