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2nd IVF agenda is now on + sharing supplements list

Hey ladies, first of all thank you! I get so much strenght by reading your stories here. You are fantastic :)

So.. after our failed 1st attempt in Nov, we moved to California last Jan due to DH's job and we are finally starting to settle down.

We've found a clinic (no help from private insurance for IVF unfortunately) and we had our second consultation today. I should be starting what they call "Mini IVF" (minimal medication dosage) at the beginning of April.

Due to my low AMH (0.7) our chances are very low (10%) but docs in London and in here said I'm still young (35) so it's worth giving it another try before going for egg donation.

We are both asked to take quite a few supplements (London clinic didn't mention it) and thought it could be helpful to share the list with you.


- healthy diet with fruits, vegs, low red meat and avoiding trans fat food

- CoQ10 600 mg daily

- Prenatal vitamin with DHA 200 mg (it must include folic acid, vitamin C 500mg, vitamin D 800 IUI)

DH (with borderline motility but good sperm count):

- eat lots of berries, vegs, low red meat. avoid trans fats food

- CoQ10 200 mg twice daily

- a Male fertility blend with the closest dose to Vitamin D 800 IU, Vitamin C 500 mg, L-Carnitine 200 mg, VitaminE (no more than) 1000mg, Zinc 15-30 mg, Selenium

- Omega 3 fatty acids 500-1,200 mg daily

Let me know if you want me to share the treatment medications but I think that plan is more tailored to my personal history and how my hormones and body are currently working ;)

Hope you found this helpful, I'll keep you posted! xx

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Hi dear. I appreciate your efforts. I like the way you dealt with the first failure. You are a composed person. Your information is very relatable. It seems that you have searched a lot. It will eventually help others. Looking forward to seeing some positive posts of success in future. I wish you all the best.


Hi Alicia many thanks! I’m not always so composed, I’m actually a very emotional/drama person (Italian woman ha!). But now I think I’m just re-emerging from the tunnel of an awful 2017 and am trying to stay as positive as possible. And it’s true what I said: this forum and the army of brave ladies here are helping me a lot!

Hope you are well hun, all the best to you too, keep in touch x


I just wanted to say good luck! I’ve found gentle ivf better for my low amh and I hope it works for you! What drugs and doses are you going to be on? I take similar supplements (but an even longer list!) and I really believe the ubiquinol works! (Ubiquinol is the better absorbed form of coQ10 so might be worth getting instead for both of you) xxx


thanks Orla! sorry for my late reply :)

I'll see the doc tomorrow, we have to do an ultrasound to ensure my cyst is gone. if this is the case I'll do the following:

31/03 Estrace 2.0 mg tab 2xday for 6 days then my cycle should arrive

Clomiphene Citrate 100 + mg (2 tabs)Low dose aspirin 81 mg for 2 days

Clomiphene Citrate 100 + mg (2 tabs)+ Low dose aspirin 81 mg + Gonal F 150 units+ Menopur 75 IU for 3 days

Low dose aspirin 81 mg + Gonal F 150 units+ Menopur 75 IU for 1 day

Low dose aspirin 81 mg + Gonal F 150 units+ Menopur 75 IU + Ganirelix Acetate 0.25 for 3 days

Low dose aspirin 81 mg + Gonal F 150 units+ Menopur 75 IU for 2 days + Ganirelix Acetate 0.25 + Generic hCG 10000 units for 1 day

Low dose aspirin 81 mg

18/04 Tentative Retrieval / Low dose aspirin 81 mg for 3 days

21/04: Possible transfer vs batching on Day 3 / Low dose aspirin 81 mg + Progesterone in Sesame Oil 50 mg/ml - Injection until test day.

Where are you at? I see you've got a frostie, fantastic!! Best of luck to you too x


Hello. Thanks for sharing. Could you explain me why you are taking a low dose of aspirin during your treatment?


Hi Clementinedam, the nurse told me to take aspirine 81mg (it's a very low dose) to improve uterine blood flow.


Hello Orla, How much ubiquinol are you taking. As it is the strongest form of CoQ10, I wondered if one needs to take 600 mg per day?


Hello Orla, How much ubiquinol are you taking. As it is the strongest form of CoQ10, I wondered if one needs to take 600 mg per day? Could you be more specific about the positive effect it had in your case? Thank you!


Well I have low amh and really poor eggs, and I read in a couple of places (can’t remember where) to try 600. It’s only after being on 600 for a while that I conceived naturally twice so I felt it benefited me. And a girl I know who used a top specialist in New York who specialises in low amh told her to take 1000mg! So I figured that is too expensive so I stuck with 600 x


Thanks! That bring a little bit of hope as my main issue is egg quality! Which product are you using? I am taking the Bio-ubiquinol 100mg by Pharma Nord. Only taking one pill a day but will consider going for 6 tomorrow onwards. Thanks again for this!


I was buying either Health Thru Nutrition in 300mg capsules (sometimes 200 if sold out) or another brand I found but can’t remember the name of. I stopped at my last transfer so time to start again 😔


If you come across anything else let me know!xx


Thanks and for sure I will keep you posted if I found anything else


Hey Gattonero just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I’m in a very similar position. Low AMH, 34 going on 35 and working towards my second round of ICSI but not till July. X

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awww thanks!! Likewise TigerGreen..let's try to stay positive!!! x

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