Flooding periods

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I have found myself bleeding for three weeks. It's heavy and painful but il suddenly get a huge flood of blood that goes through everything! It usually has a lot of clots in it (sorry if it's tmi!) I have also had some problems with my bladder feeling sore and like there is pressure there alongside the bleeding. I thought cyst at first but when I went to my gp she thinks it's hormonal and the bleeding has irritated my bladder. It's not pleasant at all so I'm wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or insights? I'm supposed to be started IVF soon so I'm keen for these symptoms to go!

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  • I had periods like that for years and I tried to tell my gp is isn't right, I couldn't get out of bed for a few days or work, as for the pain I was given suppositories to numb me from waste down. I went through pads like nappies until had to move on to massive tena lady pads( not flattering) each month hubby dreaded it because he was helpless. I would get fresh leave my house and 5 minutes later would be soaked through and leaking, then they realised I had massive uterine FIBROIDS, once they removed them I don't k ow what pain is but do get a heavy bleed day 2 and 3 but after that I forget I am on.

    Check for fibroids as this can affect your IVF

  • Thanks for that tantum I hadn't thought of fibroids are they detected through an ultrasound? I've had lots of ultra sounds and nothing has been detected but I have been told on a few occasions they think I have endometriosis but I've never been offered a laperoscamy to confirm this diagnosis which might help with this issue also? I'm concerned because I don't want to go into IVF with an underlying issue like this that may affect the outcome. xxx

  • I was told for years I didn't have them as they were hard to detect.

    When they finally found them they tired to do vaginally and I was told all sorted then when I had another scan year later he saidnhendodmt even touch the iceberg and I had to be opened up....

    Yes picked up on scans

  • Thanks that's great information I will definitely look into fibroids being the cause xxx

  • Hi. It might be worth asking for a hysteroscopy before you start IVF. It sounds like fibroids and I would definetly get it checked as it can interfere with egg collection and implantation depending on location.good luck!

  • Thanks that's really great. I am concerned it might be something like that. I have asked for a laperoscamy a few times but they don't seem keen I will keep being persistent though as I don't want it to affect my IVF xxx

  • I haven't experienced this but fibroids would sound like a likely cause. If you have them I believe surgery of some sorts would be required, but have you looked into fertility massage? It's an alternative therapy obviously but contacting someone like Clare Blake who specifically does womb massage, (not the other spa-type massage, nice though they are!), she can honestly then tell you if massage could help. She's a lovely lady, very knowledgeable and would give you an honest answer. If something else can be done other than surgery, especially when you are going to be doing IVF, this is a good thing in my book! Good luck xx

  • Thankyou fertmag conincidently I have just been for a fertility massage today! It was very relaxing and I did find it very helpful I think the lady who did it for me was trained by the lady you suggested Clare! I think she is the only one who offers it in the north west xxxxx

  • Glad you found the lady to do your massage - I think Clare trains everyone!! All the best xxx

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