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FET and Decapeptyl - best option?

Hi, we've been prescribed Decapeptyl injection on Day 21 to prepare for a FET and I'm anxious about whether this is the best protocol for us (no other option has been given; we're NHS self funding). I have short cycles (21-23 days), low AMH and turn 40 soon. I've been told the ovaries will take a while to return to full function after Decapeptyl and I'm worried this will impact future fresh cycles (hoping I won't need to go through another one). The potential side effects are also concerning. Does anyone have any experience of this? Any advice truly appreciated, thanks.

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Hi ES1976. This is what I've had throughout all my cycles. When you read the leaflet the side effects seem scary but to be honest I think this is the same with any medication. It affects everyone differently. I had night sweats & flushes and sometimes low mood but nothing major. I can't say I had any problems returning to normal after the monthly dose of decapeptyl but it did take a while when I had the 3 monthly dose after my laparoscopy in 2014. I'd imagine you'll only be having the one monthly dose in preparation for your FET though? Hope this helps reassure you a little bit ❤ x x


Hi noodles_ I'm so worried about having the injection as I've read it's not suitable for patients with low ovarian reserve and is given on day 21 to women with regular 28-30 day cycles. I just want some reassurance that they have taken into consideration the fact that my cycles are short and perhaps they should be giving the injection to me earlier. I don't get a sense that they will change their treatment plan though. The prospects of messing up the timings, terrible side effects and cysts is really stressing me out 😓


I would call them to speak with them further if you are stressing out and not happy.

My cycles can be 21-28 days, so they always started my medication off on day 19.

I would just call them and query your concerns about starting the medication later than you thought you would be for the above reasons and see what they say.

If you are still not convinced after your conversation, then I would call and speak with the unit manager.

We were NHS funded and provided them with some feedback about our first appointment and they were fine.


Thanks Hollibob for your advice. I called this morning to request a call back from the Dr only she wasn't in today and so the staff nurse offered to answer my queries. She suggested not to go ahead with D21 injection as I was not comfortable with the treatment plan and instead call in on D1 of next cycle for the injection (despite raising my concerns about higher risk of developing cysts if given D1-3 injection😳). I asked about an earlier start on D18 because of my short cycles but after she referred to the Drs, they still suggested D1 injection. In response to the impact on ovaries, she said as its a one off injection there would not be any long term concerns to worry about. She also suggested a natural cycle if I wasn't comfortable with a medicated one. I've been getting a second opinion from a private clinic and they're surprised that Decapeptyl is being used on D1/2. I'm not sure what to do now😥


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