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Starting ivf

Guess I start at the beginning. I'm 29 & my partner is 34. We had been trying for 3years to get pregnant. We desired to seek help and after a year of tests suspected endometriosis. I had a lapo done on 18th Dec 2015 where they found it had attached my overies, tubes & uterus to my bowels. My surgeon desired it would be best to clip my tubes so we now have to go down the IVF route. I have however suffered greatly over passed few weeks with pains and on NY Eve ended up falling unconscious in the bathroom where my partner found me not breathing and called for ambulance. I then proceeded to come on my period at the hospital which they concluded was down to low blood pressure has this happened to anyone else? I am now into my 3rd week signed off work how long does recovery normally take? My next spot with my gyno is 19th Feb where we will be discussing IVF but jest questions should I be asking? Anyone have any advise? Many thanks

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I had a lap & dye and hysterocoscopy in November 2015 had appointment back at clinic just before Christmas my left tube is blocked and have also been diagnosed with endemetorisis I was off work for 1 week after my operation I went back on light duties for over a week everyone is different in terms of recovery could work not accommodate light duties for you? We was told back at clinic IVF would be our next route and they had all the paperwork to sign picked our clinic and lucky for us our clinic is does satellite clinics so can go to out local hospital for everything we will only need to go to the chosen clinic for egg collection and embryo transfer. I asked roughly how long will an appointment take to get started they said around 4-6 months depending on the appointments but could be earlier. I'm 31 and hubby 30 we are taking this time now to exercise more healthier eating and taking vitamins neither of us are overweight but want to make sure we are in peak condition for starting treatment. I hope you recover soon and all the best. X


Hi, Lois86! Hope, you feel better now. It's so unbearable a young woman like you suffering from endo and all these things of the kind! I guess falling uncoscious and breathless isn't the sign of a successful surgery. Are you sure there are no complications after the lapo? Also I don't think you have anough time for recovery. 19th Feb your IVF will be in process.That means another portion of fertility drugs and some invasion as well. Does your doc confirm you'll be ready for that?

Dear Lo, I don't wanna make you upset but go on with your treatment being in no haste. I know that being in a hurry with fertility issue makes no sense. Our family had suffered much because my endometriosis. We couldn't conceive for long two dreadful years. And it had driven us mad. We didn't clarify the reason for our infertility to the full from the first time. Just being in haste we tried every offered treatment starting from using fertility drugs, IUI, ICSI...But that was only up to IVF in Ukraine that changed our life for better.

Be healthy and consider all the facts before going in for new treatment Xx


Thank you for your reply. I am not sure regarding complications, they did a chest X-ray and blood tests to check it wasn't a clot but that was about it. Since then I have been feeling sick and dizzy if I stand longer than 5mins so spent most of my day laying on the sofa watching NCIS. I am going to go to my GP tomz(mon) as I am sure there is something more than period and low blood pressure. my appt in Feb is to discuss further treatment which I am guessing is IVF as that was the option they gave me before the operation but considering they were going to remove a tube due to hydrosalpinx but instead they clipped both as both had it and I also had a frozen pelvis where I believe they managed to free one ovary but not the other. I guess this is our only option. May I ask why you choose Ukraine? If you don't mind me asking


Hi Lois, I was in a similar position to you this time last year. I'd just been diagnosed with stage 4 endo and had my second lap where my tubes were cauterised. I was desperate to start ivf and started the process in Feb, 2 months after my op. In hindsight I would have given myself a lot more time to recover - my body had been through so much and then I was pumping it full of even more drugs. The round didn't work. So I took a break of 8 months, enjoyed the summer and did a frozen round in Nov. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant. Give yourself time to heal, better to do that than go through the pain of a failed round.


Hi, thank you for your reply. It's really good to be able to find so many people with similar situations. I am now in my 3rd week of recovery. Still sore and very tired. So maybe asking for a few more months before starting treatment would be a good idea. I find taking to family difficult regarding this as they don't seem to understand how let down/angry I feel. my partner just says it's one of those things and my mum said well if it doesn't work just have a hysterectomy & adopt. As if that's an easy option. How did your family react?

congratulations & wish you both well

it's stories like yours that give me hope

Many thanks

Lois 😊


Hi Lois, I'm very lucky to have a very supportive family. But I think it's very hard to understand if you haven't been through it, so I can see why people sometimes don't know what to say.

The other thing to remember is that you have time. I'm presuming from your name that you were born in 1986?! I'm a lot older than you (in fertility terms), I'm 34. Don't wish away your 30s in a black cloud of baby desperation. Only once I started enjoying myself again did the IVF succeed. Probably not related at all, but I'm sure a happy body and mind helped the ivf work.

Happy to help you -PM if you prefer X


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