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Ivf-day 5 fet


As I am suffering from pcos...I had day 5 fet done.today is my 13 day of 2ww.hpt shows negative:(

Tomorrow is my actual date for beta hcg.

Should I worry.

This is my second time.

Last time it was positive but after 2days I lost.I had most of the preg symptoms.

This time...I am feeling very light...there is nothing in below to feel heavy...its like am normal.anyone experienced this.

Does it mean m not preg???

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Hello. I just want to wish you luck tommorow sweetie. I have heard it can change in a day. Keep relaxed as possible. I am twelve weeks today and only really began to feel pregnant last week. Please let us know how you get on in your own time. Lots and lots of love. Xxxx


Hi honey. Everyone is different as im finding out got to do my test in 2 days but passing brown/red blood today so really wortied we will have a bfn again for the 3rd time. I hope you have the answer you want tomorrow. Relax snand d keep positive xx


Finally beta hcg report.its 220..positive.. But need to repeat again on monday...so jus hoping it gets doubled or more by then.

Thank you for your responses... It gave me some courage yest to stay positive.

Will update on Monday... Want a healthy n safe pregnancy.. Delivery.. And baby:)

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