Beta result? Could someone please explain what it is?

Hi Everyone, I was recommended to join this site by a friend and I can see how useful it is and how much hope it can bring. This is our first ivf attempt. I had 12 eggs collected and 4 fertilised, by day 2 only 1 had divided properly (7 cell) and another had divided a little late (6 cell) They put both in on day 3 so haven't been very hopeful. The two week wait was horrendous and I ended up doing an early test which came up negative. My hubby convinced me to still test on the proper date and we got a positive- lots of crying! Since then I have started bleeding so keep being convinced that it hasn't worked. I keep reading on threads about a beta result and wondered what this is and whether it would help to reassure before the early scan in January. Thanks for reading my essay! Lots of luck to everyone on here x x

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  • Hello. Welcome to the site. A beta result is where a blood test is done to confirm a pregnancy. I would ring your clinic about the bleeding. They can advise on what to do. May increase your meds your on. What kind of bleeding is it? Hopefully it's still all ok. Keeps us informed. Xx

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. It started off brown and then yesterday it was a lot heavier so I did another test at lunch time and it came out positive again. Today I have really crampy period pains in my back and tummy. Just so worried that it's because it isn't working. My clinic isn't open today so will have to call tomorrow. Hope your journey is going well x

  • Hi firstly congrats on your positive. A beta is a blood test that measures the level of hcg (pregnancy hormone) in your blood. This can then be repeated a few days later to ensure the levels are rising, usually hcg levels double every couple of days so this would be a good indicator of an on going pregnancy. I would speak to your clinic about the bleed and no harm in asking about a beta. Wishing you luck and fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy, remember some bleeding isn't always a bad thing. Xx

  • Thank you for replying. Didn't realise just how hard this would all be. Our early scan feels like a lifetime away! I will def ask the clinic about the blood test. Hope you are having a successful journey x

  • It can be very hard but everyone on here are so supportive and understand what each other is going through. Thankyou I have had 5failed cycles, I am currently on day 11 of my 2wk wait following our 6th transfer. I have tested early 2days ago and finally got my bfp. I go for my beta at clinic this Tue at end of my 2wk. I have been having a little brown discharge but test lines getting darker so good sign. Hoping for good positive result. Good luck to you I hope all goes well. xxx

  • Thank you. I think you are very brave to keep putting yourself through this. But I know that when we all get our little babies it will all be worth it. I hope it all works out for you this time x

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