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Please could someone explain the size / grades of eggs ?

I am on day 7 of injections and had my first scan on Saturday. They spoke about some of them being a 9 and a 6 - what does this mean and where do they need to be? I have my second scan tomorrow. Also reading through the next part, the grades everyone refers to after blastocyst, is it only grade 5 that are worthy of transfer ?

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I believe the '9' and '6' most likely relate to the follicle size as that is how they can tell whether you are making eggs and how many. Eggs cannot be seen on a scan so is done on follicles being the correct size to produce an egg. I cant remember the size they have to be but I thinks it's a bit bigger than that but if you have only just had your first scan you would not expect them to be there yet. They will grow gradually in size in the coming days. At your next scan ask them specifically how many follicles they see on each ovary and what size they are wanting them to be. I used to get so confused with all the jargon and go away not really knowing whether what they said is good or bad! But over time have learnt a lot more.

If they did not tell you to increase your medication then this is probably a good sign as they usually do if they aren't growing at the required rate in my experience.

Hope that helps. I know this might not sound very helpful but perhaps try not to worry about the next stage yet. Alot of it will be decided for you dependent on how many eggs you have, how many fertilise etc so it will be clearer at the time?

Good luck xxx


Hi, the size 6 and 9 will be the follicles they are measuring they need to be at least 18mm before they are considered mature. The follicle is a fluid filled sac which contains the egg. They can grow on average 1mm to 3mm in 24hours so you will hopefully see a big improvement on your scan tomorrow, they might need to do another scan or if they are quite a few at the correct size they might give you your date for egg collection! good luck :) x


Hi Magic80. "Willowtree" has explained what is going on. The leading follicle needs to be at least 17mm in size before you have your "trigger" injection of hCG to release eggs into your follicles. You will then be given a time to go back for egg collection, and then you will know how many eggs you will have for fertilisation. All the best. Diane


Thanks everyone for your advice it's really appreciated. I had my second scan today and unfortunately not progressed as well as hoped. The biggest is only 12 with majority still at 8-9. They have upped my doseage of menupor to 3 powders. Has anyone else had this?


Hi I had the same happen although I was takin 3 powders from the start of my stims.. I kept going back for scans and they would grow a little each time.. I was on stims for a total of 14 days and ended up with 11 eggs so dont worry you will have some eggs.. how long have u been on your stims?... unfortunately for me 8 eggs fertilised but only one made grade A so ive got my fingers crossed this little 1 will work 4 days till I take a test... good luck hun im sure you will be fine

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Hey sum1sweeta, Thankyou for that. They keep talking about me having 3 follicles but when they record the measurements I counted 16 different ones - do you know what this means? Wow your nearly there. I can't even imagine how the 2ww has been. I pray you get the positive test result. Il keep checking to see how your getting on.ive been on stims for 8 days now but I'm the one who's supposed to be ok. It's my husband who has the low count. Think this is why it's thrown me a bit as I've just been focusing on him and thinking if we can just get the sperm from him we will be ok. Reality check time I think ! How have you found it all then? Is this your first time? How you feeling? X


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