9dp3dt = BFN

I finally cracked and tested , i couldnt wait any longer i def feel like period is coming and pessaries are just holding it off so wanted to double check if im right and Just like iv suspected a bfn! I know it still a bit early but surely i would have had a faint line ? I even used a FRER test.. this isnt my turn but im hoping , FC that u lovely ladies have a successful cycle , GL xxx

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  • Hope your feeling okay Hun, with 3dt test can take slightly longer to show, don't panic just yet although I do feel your pain I tested on day 9 after 5dt and I was negative I havnt tested since as I can't deal with the heartache everytime, I still think for u it may be early as 3dt do take longer I'm out of the game as a blastocyst should be showing by now, I want Saturday to hurry up so I can move on I know it's failed so I just want to get it over with my clinic don't offer bloods so that's me done after Saturday, it's horrible the way u feel this 2ww as killed me off, I get cramps and then not long after taking the pessaries it calms down so I know these are just confusing my body when is test day for u xxxx

  • My clinic is the same they only need me to phone with the result , i would rather a blood test if im honest, dont understand why they dont do it ! Im not going to test again now till my OTD which is the 23rd dec.. i dont blame u for not testing again , i think if i fell into the trap of testing everyday i would be constantly down :( FC for u for sat that u get a big fat suprise πŸ˜‰ this 2ww is mentally draining x

  • Id like a blood test as we'll but like you they just ring me on Saturday to find out the result I'm finding it hard with it being so close to Christmas as we'll I was hoping for a lovely surprise but I don't think that's the case with me, I'm not bloated at all just got my endo pains back πŸ˜” it's horrible this wait been the worse bit out of it all, I dot even have any symptoms to make me think otherwise xxxx

  • Hi daydreamer89. I'm not going to lecture you about testing early, as I think we all are tempted to and lots of us do. Do keep up with your prescribed medication, even if you get any spotting. be brave and test on the correct day. Your GP can order a beta hCG after this if you prefer. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I didn't get a positive result on round 7 until day 12! (3 day transfer) and the pessaries make your womb feel very bloated and heavy. I felt the same way every single round! 5 negatives, 3 positives, and 1 baby.

  • I know i probs tested to early and i was doing so well , yesturday was not a good day for me and i cracked this morning ! Feel guilty for doing it now but im not going to test again ! Lesson learnt lol i think ots the pessaries that are makinf me ill , yesturday i was nauseated all day 😷 thank you for the advice diane i will feel much better so will book a hcg test with my gp after xmas just to put my mind at rest :) thank you filmgirl , i am glad u finally got ur beautiful baby after all those cycles , ur proof that this does work :) thank you xxx

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