Injections extended and feeling very nauseous

I was just wondering if anyone else has had their injections extended to try and get their follicles bigger before collection. Its our final cycle on the nhs so thr doc has told me to keep my injections going so i have my collection on weds now rather than mon. Today i have a cold but i have been feeling so sick all day, i cant face food or even smell it without feeling sick. It is horrible, i just wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced anything similar and if anyone has any advice please? Thanks. Hope everyone else is well and enjoying their experience xx

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  • Both cycles I have had, I've been given a few extra days of injections to make my follicles bigger. Sometimes it's difficult to predict how you will react to all the medication. The clinic have seen it all before and are trying to give you the best chance. Good luck for the rest of your cycle and I hope it works xx

  • Thanks dee22. I hope i feel better tomorrow. Have my scan tomorrow to know for def if its weds. Fingers crossed we have some luck this time xx

  • Hi Sam101. By now you will have had your scan and will know if the extra increase in drugs have helped to improve your follicle sizes. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling sick and have a cold. This shouldn’t have any effect on your treatment cycle, so I hope you soon feel better and good luck! Diane

  • Thanks diane. My follicles were very big today and there was free fluid so they were worried i may be starting to hyperstimulate so have anti clotting injs now and had bloods done so im hoping its not hyperstimulation as really want my implantation done now to. Fingers crossed with me resting and changing injs i may be ok xx

  • Hi Sam101. Thanks for the update. Try not to worry, and I'm sure that they will get you to egg collection. However, if you do hyper-stimulate, be prepared that embryo transfer may be delayed until all settles down again. If that happens, then they will store your embryos frozen. Hopefully it won't come to that, so keep everything crossed and make sure you drink plenty of water. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you. Do you know how long they postpone the implantation for if i am hyperstimulating by any chance? Thank you xx

  • Hi Sam101. Usually about a month for you to settle down again. Try not to panic, as any embryos they create will be safely stored for you. Hopefully it won't come to that, but at the moment you are the most important person, so lets hope it steadies down and you can go ahead with your "fresh" cycle. Keep drinking!! Diane

  • Ok thank you diane. I appreciate your help. Fingers crossed everything turns out ok xx

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