Suprecur injs started but feeling very sick

Hi all, im wondering if anyone can help me please. I have just restarted my suprecur injs again on monday for our 2nd cycle but the last 2 days i have been feeling very sick and getting little pains in my lower abdo. Has anyone else had similar side effects from this injection to. Starting to worry now πŸ˜•

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  • Hello Hun,

    Im the same im on day 4 and this morning I have woken up feeling pretty much the same as you, I feel really sick and got slight headaches, it feels similar to how u feel when you get travel sick. I think its normal our hormones are just all over the place, what dose are you on? Im eating little and often as I dont feel in the mood to eat loads with feeling sick, Drink plenty of water xxx

  • Thank you abbie103. Im on 0.5mls a day so having inj in the night as im feeling really tired after having it. Thats the advice the nurse gave me. Im getting headaches off and on to. Is it your first cycle? Xx

  • Ye my first cycle so im new to this all,how is everything goinf for u so far, what's your reason for fertility. im on 0.25 i take it at 6:30 when I get home from work. Im also the same as you I am very tired, im having to work through this as my manager doesn't really understand, Im feeling terrible today and at work I think im going to take some time off tho as I feel i need the rest, xxx

  • I have been ok until now. I have had one cycle of icsi already. No luck on our first implantation and then had a fet and no luck there. We are hoping third time lucky!! I am ok thankfully unfortunately my husbands boys are a little slow and unsure which direction they should go so could do with a sat nav!! We were still hoping to concieve naturally but no such luck. I take mine at 9.30 just before bed. Today has been my worst day so far and im gutted as wanted to go out and enjoy the weather with my niece but can't go far without feeling sick. We will prob be going through everything at the same time. Whats your reason for fertility? I can't have any time off, saving the rest of my hols for my egg collection and implantation so can have 2 wks off after implantation, its def needed xx

  • The nurse has advised me to take egg collection off and after egg collection so thats what im going to do, Im going to take the rest as I should, I know how u feel its hard doing things when you feel so ill, hopefully we can just ride this sick feeling out and its just a blip, Yes your right seems like we will be going through the process at similar times, I have endo stage 4, I have high ovary reserve so hopefully i wont need to be on stimms for to long, How many follicules was seen on your baseline scan, i have 9 on each ovary which i am more than happy with as i had cysts on my ovarys but being on prostap has shrunk these and give more room for the follicules to grow, i havent got any bloating yet have you? xxxx

  • Yeah i have a week off already booked off which should hopefully ne my egg collection and implantation week, the wk beginning the 14th dec. We managed to get 6 5d blastocysts last time but only 3 fertilised properly. Having my scan 30th nov so will find out then. Hopefully it will all be ok. No no bloating yet, you get that more when you go on to your menopur injections. Your hormones go all over the place then, last time i was very emotional but not nasty thankfully. Im finding peppermint tea is helping with the sickness feeling to xx

  • Is menopur the injection the one you use right before egg collection, sorry to ask so many questions im kind of in the dark lol, yes peppermint tea is meant to be good for that do whatever you feel you need to in regards to making yourself feel better, and 3 eggs before transfer is really good i fear that I wont even get 1 to make it to transfer, xxxx in regards to egg collections do you feel anything in the surgery and do u feel pretty grim afterwards

  • Hi abbie, sorry thought i sent a reply yest but just noticed it didnt go through. Im sure you will have more than 1, try and keep positive. I wont lie to you the egg collection isnt great but its not that bad. You cant eat or drink anything from the night before as you need an empty stomach for your sedation. When you go in they will go through your forms to sign then take your bp etc. You then havr a catheter placed so they can inject your sedation in. When you go into the theatre they give you oxygen and then give the sedation. You then fall asleep, 20-30 mins later you are woken up. You will have crampy type pains so take some paracetamol with you. You will stay on the ward for a bit until you are awake and have eaten. When you get home just chill and go straight to bed and relax, you will need it. The implantation is the most fantastic thing ever. Try if poss to get your partner to go with you as it is do special. You get to see your embryo on the screen before the implantation and then i had a scan pic after to which was fab. It is such an amazing moment, not scary or painful at all. The best part is there should be plenty to preoccupy our minds with xmas coming as the 2 week wait feels like forever. I hope that helps xx

  • Sounds lovely I just hope I get a nice surprise for Christmas, I'm thinking it's going to be a hard time if it doesn't work with it being Christmas but I'm taking one step at a time, how r u feeling as the sick feeling gone, I hope I get to see my embyro as we'll xxxx

  • It would be the best xmas present ever. Just focus on spending time with family and friends to keep you busy. Im sure you will have a fab embryo that you will see no problem. Yeah sickness has passed a bit today so not so bad thanks. More dulll headaches today. How are you feeling? Xx

  • Glad your feeling better I'm not to bad the sick feeling as gone but I feel really tired all the time, tats my aim to stay as busy as possible and relax, looking at egg collection next week I hope I get good eggs I'm worried about how many I might get and the quality xxx

  • I've been on Buserelin for nearly a week and my lower abdominal area aches, I feel sick and am getting headaches. These are all known side effects stated in the leaflet. My nails split when I was on it in September/October and still haven't recovered, another stated side effect.

  • Thanks pm27, i had headaches last time but the nausea wasnt that bad. Hopefully my nails wont start splitting as they didnt last time so fingers crossed. Hope you feel better soon. When do you start your menopur? Xx

  • We're doing FET as ET had to be abandoned in October. So no Menopur this time.

    I got some hot moments at night on Menopur plus the bloating feeling so I'm glad I don't have to do that again.

    Good luck!

  • Sounds like your at a similar stage to me pm27 I've been on injections a week on Thursday how's is your process going? Hope we all get some good news xxx keeping possitive for a little miricle

  • I'm hoping we're all successful!

    Hopefully my body will cooperate this time and FET can go ahead before Christmas.

    How are you feeling?

  • Feeling okay just trying to sty positive and keep myself busy to stop me thinking to much into things, yes hopefully we will get a happy ending the wait is horrible and the things we have to go through is horrible but hope it's worth it I'm looking at egg collection next week sometime xxxx

  • Good luck next week if you have your collection. Just remember stay calm and relax and enjoy your implantation experience xx

  • Fingers crossed you will be lucky this time. Just keep positive and im sure you will have the best xmas present ever!! Do you know when you are having your fet? Good luck. Im not too bad just feeling exhausted at the moment xx

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