BFP!!! :D 1st IVF Icsi - in total shock

Hi everyone

Just thought I would post to give others hope as I have been using this forum everyday when trying to boost my own confidence!

I'll be quick and summarise as I know its hard to read an essay ;)

Trying for 4yrs, tried every gadget/test out there.

Started off with pcos diagnosis, then changed to unexplained.

Tried everything to boost our chance over the last year or so ... No alcohol, eating nuts, avocados, pineapple core, wearing crystal and good luck charms every day etc etc.

6 rounds of clomid, although I was oving, didn't work, was doing acupuncture and reflexology alongside - spent a fortune :(

1st round of mild ivf, still doing reflexology but acupuncture only pre/post transfer. They got 11 eggs (so happy) only one fertilised (so sad - none to freeze).

Had a day2 transfer, 5 cell, good quality.

Had lots of symptoms but unsure whether it was the progesterone pessaries.

Tested early twice, bfn

3 days b4 test day pink brown spotting, turns to just brown, quite a lot, wearing pads.

Day b4 period turns bright red like a watery period, heavy enough for pads.

I think game over, nearly don't bother testing on test day, still bleeding, depressed, go back to bed to sulk.

Wake up later and think better had - burst into tears, bfp!!!

Beta comes in soon after as 122 as 16dpo.

I truly cannot believe it, I felt all the odds were against us what with the 1/3 success rate and only having one egg to put back. I had even started googling adoption as I felt so negative that both our nhs ivf goes would fail.

The sore boobs and pronounced tummy I had during the ivf disappeared and on test day I felt totally normal like nothing had happened.

Looking back the only strange symptoms I had, which could still be the progesterone, was I had 2 dizzy spells at work, both after lunch and a few days apart.

I also had a couple of days when i just felt confused, I kept dropping things, saying the wrong words, felt disorientated, just strange.

Plus on 2-3 occasions I had a weird sensation, a sharpish pain on the left side that would pulse on and off for about 15 mins and then disappear.

So excited but still so nervous, praying the baby sticks. Our first scan is booked for 23rd December :D Xxx

Good luck everyone, miracles do happen! X

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  • I guess for you it did... Wishing you a healthy happy journey xx

  • Lovely news, congratulations! The early pregnancy bleeding and cramping seem to be quite common, I had a little as well and it's so alarming! Hope your scan and everything beyond goes well for you.

  • Congratulations! I love hearing people's success stories, especially when you've done everything you can to help yourself along the way! Good luck with everything, keep everyone posted with your progress! x o x o

  • Lovely news congratulations x

  • Lovely news, what an amazing Christmas present- lots of luck for your first scan xx

  • Congratulations Hun, these are similar symptoms to what I'm having I keep forgetting this an doing things wrong like putting my glass in my bag instead of the sink I'm also getting words mixed up like u I've had some brown today I'm not bloated in the slightest just cramping slightly I took a test today 5dp5dt and was negative do you think I still have some hope ? Xxxx

  • Definitely still hope!! Just double checked on my chart and I tested at 5,10 and 12 past my 2 day transfer, all were bfn. My positive home test was done at 16dpt, and my beta at 14dpt. The brown and bleeding i had was too late to be implantation, so either breakthrough bleeding or just maybe little bean getting busy. Good luck hun, really hope you get good news Xxx

  • The spotting I'm having today is Hardly visable but defo got a negative today I've cried already got some cramps as we'll I really hope I get good news I'm just scared it's over xxxx

  • Try not to worry! You're a little early testing, I tested at 9dp5dt and that's when I got my bfp. 5dp5dt just sounds way too early, you're only 24 days pregnant at that stage and would be difficult to pick up on a hpt. I would definitely wait til 28 days at the earliest, which is 9dp5dt. And make sure you use first urine of the day - otherwise you can get a false fail too.

    I had period like pains and a little bleed (fresh red blood, so it wasn't even old brown stuff) in the early days too, try not to give up yet, it can go either way and there's a reason they give you a test date. You should continue taking progesterone regardless of all this.

  • Was the 9th day the first time u tested or did u test before then and get a negative xxxx

  • 9th day was first day I was brave enough to do it as I thought if I tested early, it could be the trigger shot still in system or could get a false negative. As it turns out, I'm expecting twins so it was a very strong test result! My official test day was 13dp5dt, so I really didn't want to test too early.

    I've also been pregnant before and the test was so faint on day 28 that when I got to the doctor and tested there with urine taken later in the day, the result was negative! So I learned from that experience. I saw on your other post you're having shooting pains and cramping. I had all this too - particularly if you stretch or move awkwardly. It's calmed now but occasional twinges still. Just test again in 4 days and try not to obsess over it too much. There's little value to testing every day, you'll just do your head in!

  • Yes your right testing everyday is not good, I do feel off tho like keep going dizzy and a few symptoms here and there so giving it a few more days will defo make a difference, will the pesseries stop me from bleeding if I'm going to bleed xxx I've been pregnant before and looking for the same signs I don't remember any cramping but I suppose I wasn't looking for it xxxx

  • I Googled that too! Seems they can delay your period - talk about messing with your head. But the blood test and home test will give you the answers you need. Although the clinic said blood test wasn't essential, some home tests wont pick it up till later so best to do both. Have also seen on the internet that 1st pregnancies can differ from the next and the next, so don't be surprised if symptoms seem different Xx

  • Yeah, the progesterone really messes up the symptoms! It's impossible to read into any of it. I've had pregnancies before too and this feels different, reckon the progesterone has a lot to answer for. I also think at least some of the cramping is due to sluggish digestion, you may find when you use the loo you'll feel better!! A bit tmi, but it's true. 😊

  • I have been a bit loose now and again 🙈 and bad wind and acid feeling as we'll this might be the pessaries xxxx I hope so I had a blastocyst transfer which the dr said good quality he didn't tell me the score or anything and 3 more got to blastocyst and are frozen so I'm hoping I have a little strong embie xxxx

  • It is scary, but don't beat yourself up, everyone was always saying to me 'stay positive' (impossible task!) but I reckon, hard as it is, the negative thoughts and worries are just your minds way of softening the blow if it is bad news. Its so hard to wait till otd but they give it for good reason :) saying that even if you hadn't tested you'd probably still be worrying, guess its natural when you want something so bad. Hurry up, I wanna know now! ;) X

  • Great news congratulations xx got my first scan tomorrow I am so scared 😬 Xx

  • Good luck for your scan Xx its funny last night my mum asked me when its safe to relax and that its all ok, I replied when the baby is born! Every step feels like a trial, but every step is also great progress 😁 Xx

  • Congratulations😀 That's fantastic news and goes to show that every body is completely different and will show different signs of pregnancy. I hope all goes well at your scan xx

  • Congratulations x

  • Congratulations on ur BFP :) you must of gone through every emotion possible but worth it for the result ! Hope the next few weeks goes smoothly for , im in 2ww atm and my test day os the 23rd dec so i hope its going to be a good day for the both of us ☺ xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • amazing, hope all goes smoothly. I'm now on the 3ww until my scan after getting a bfp last week. its just as nervee wracking as the 2ww 😌 x

  • Wow what a journey... Wishing you all the best. We should be approaching our clinic to process with IcSI on Jan

  • Great news! Congratulations love hearing positive outcomes gives me & am sure others hope! best wishes to you xx

  • Here's wish g you the very best of luck.... May you nth be blessed

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