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When is a scratch done?

Hi guys. Hope this goes through today, had trouble posting anything on here recently. Anyway, my consultant mentioned I have have the scratch next time, but he didn't mention it when we went back for hysteroscopy results so I forgot to ask 😡, can anyone tell me at what point you would have the scratch. I'm assuming I'll be on short protocol again as amh levels good so he mentioned didn't want me too stimulated as my ovaries went pretty big last time.

Thanks guys xx

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Hi Parentsofagengels. Sounds like you may be on a short protocol this time round. Regarding the “scratch”, it is usually done on day 21 of a treatment cycle, but if your periods are irregular, your consultant will advise on the best time for the procedure to be carried out, so no need to worry. Usually, you are advised to make sure that you have protected sex for one month prior to the treatment, to ensure that you are not pregnant (if that is possible naturally). The procedure is not painful, but you may experience a little discomfort. It is much the same as having embryo transfer, and is often followed by slight bleeding afterwards. You will most probably be prescribed a course of antibiotics to take afterwards, to ensure you don’t get any infection. It is quite safe to take some paracetamol, should you feel any discomfort afterwards. The lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is gently ’scratched’ using a thin catheter (a fine, flexible, sterile, plastic tube) which is passed through the cervix. This is often offered to women who have had two unsuccessful IVF cycles, but can be offered during any cycle, depending upon your consultant’s recommendations. New research and evidence suggests that scratching the uterine lining causes a ‘repair reaction’ which may increase embryo implantation rates. More research is underway to understand exactly how this works. Hope that helps and good luck! Diane


Thank you for your reply Diane. So gp it done just before implantation usually? Cycle is pretty regular, issues aren't with me but my partner has antibodies present in sperm so needing icsi again. This will be our 2nd cycle as my daughter was born at 4 months last time, specialist is wanting to try steroids, mini asprin, possibly heparin and I do remember him mentioning antibiotics at the time.

Bit confused as in sure last time we had transfer earlier than day 21?


Hi. All depends upon what protocol you will be on. Try not to worry about it, as your consultant will know exactly when to do it. He/she is really trying here, after losing your little one. It seems you will be having low-dose aspirin – usually with Clexane (heparin) too and of course a short course of prednisolone (steroid). Obviously, I will be keeping everything crossed for you both. Diane


Thank you, just bit confused from the day 21 issue still? If having this scratch, does this lengthen the process? as I've checked and definitely had transfer earlier than day 21

Thank you


Hi. It is usually done prior to a round of IVF/ICSI, although I have known it to be done during one as well. I'm afraid you're just going to have to clear it with your consultant. Good luck! Diane

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I'm having this next time and I took it to be day 21 of cycle prior to ivf cycle - ie a week before the period which you start your injections on for short protocol. I might be wrong as first time! X


This is what I'm now thinking Anna0908, which worries me as next period is any day now so we'll miss it meaning we won't be able to start January. I'm going to be so so angry and upset if this is the case as we were told we would start treatment again January, we're having an appt with them soon. I wish we had changed clinics. Feeling so foolish now


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