2 week transfer - no symptoms

Hi, i'm new hear even though this will be my third go at IVF. This round is frozen blastocyst.

I had two blastocysts transferred last Friday - so i'm on day four. I'm not feeling anything now.

Started with bad cramps and sweats for the first two days and now nothing. So worried and can't keep off Google!

Any advice on what to look for and how to stay positive.

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  • Hi I really hope you get a good result. I never had any symptoms until after i got my bfp. You are only early on so I wouldnt expect you to start having any symptoms for another week at the earliest (although everyone is different) easily said but try not to worry about having no symptoms. Fingers are crossed for you x

  • Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it! Will continue to take it easy and try and stop googling symptoms to expect! x

  • I know how you feel! I had a fresh blastocyst transfer last Wednesday and was wondering if and when there should be symptoms. My clinic said not to expect any symptoms until after testing but I've been pregnant before and always had symptoms prior to testing, so I half expect to have sore boobs and tiredness and all the rest. However, as I'm on progesterone, I don't know if symptoms could be just due to the progesterone or if it is a pregnancy! Only one more week and I can test....I'm back at work now and that has definitely helped as I was totally distracted by work today.

    I've been watching lots of box sets and knitting. I've suddenly become very productive with the knitting, making great progress since last week!! Knitting also keeps me off google.....is there anything like that you could do to occupy and distract yourself?

  • Hiya, fingers crossed for a great result for you :)

    Yes, i'm on the rather unpleasant cyclogest! I'm really busy with work - I have my own business, so primarily work from home. This is good and bad - good because i can be comfortable whilst still getting work done, bad because I make time to ponder over a cuppa! I'm really sporty - so my distractions were football, squash and badminton, none of which I can do right now!

  • I'm the same, although not self employed. I work from home when I'm not out and about with customers. As you say, it's good and bad.....I was happy to be out at appointments today but it is also nice to be home other days. I gave up the gym a few weeks ago and haven't even really gone walking, I keep thinking ah I'll go for a walk tomorrow.

    Hope you also get a great result! I test on the 10th, may take a slightly earlier one though...

  • Yeah walking feels good, but then again so does having your feet up!

    Fingers crossed!

    Mine's on the 11th!

  • Hiya hunni I just wanted to let you know that I didn't have any symptoms at all during my 2ww I didn't get any spotting and had 1 night with a few cramps which was 5dp6dt. I got my bfp 8dp6dt and and going for my first scan on the 12th. I had a failed fet before this 1 and has so many symptoms I thought it had worked but never just keep positive good luck xx

  • Hey Sophie, that's great news! Congrats. Thank you so much for your positive story. I know everyone has different symptoms but I just needed to say it out loud if that makes sense....xx

  • Hi ladies, I'm on day 3 and haven't hard any symptoms, my test day is the 11th! Good luck to you all xxxx

  • Snap. Tick tok! What are you doing to keep your mind off it? x

  • Don't worry. I had no symptoms at all except bloating for a couple of days. I couldn't believe it but I got a BFP and am now approx. 5 weeks pregnant. Waiting for my first scan on 19th Nov.

    In my 1st failed cycle I had lots of aches & pains, sore boobs and twinges but then got BFN. So you just can't tell.

    Best wishes, xxx

  • Hiya, thank you for the reassurance and congratulations - that's great news xx

  • Hi JB75, its so hard it's all I'm thinking about!! im back at work now and then just seeing friends and doing bits at home just to take my mind if it!!

    How are you finding it?xx

  • God I know! Same really. Have my birthday coming up so doing a few things this weekend which is great. This is my third round so am really hoping this works. I am feeling positive mostly - but then have pangs of anxiety!

    Listening to positive therapy stuff helps. Got the Joseph Clough app which is pretty good xx

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