Transfer Day - No frosties :(

Transfer Day - No frosties :(

Hey all! I had 9 eggs retrieved on Friday, of the 9, 7 were suitable. Of the 7, 4 fertilised, and of the 4 we only have 1 suitable transfer and no suitable frosties :( That really sucks. I wanted some frosties. The embryologist also mentioned that the embryo they put in wasn't 'where they would expect it to be' in terms of how big it was, so i have no idea what on earth that means!

Other than that, the transfer was a little sore, but mostly uncomfortable. It was a sort of bizarre crampy feeling. I'm feeling fine now though​.

Trying to keep positive, come on embryo, grab on for dear life! My kitties are looking after me.

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  • Sending lots of baby dust your way πŸ‘ΆπŸ» ✨✨✨

  • Hi Pandash. Well, at least your one little embie is back where it belongs, inside you. Just sending you lots of love and "sticky" embryo thoughts, along with your kitties' love. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Wishing you all the best! What a rollercoaster ride this whole experience is.

    Ah...kitty cuddles ;) There is nothing like them. Yours are darling and look exactly like my one (I have a stripey cat and a black cat).

    Go go embie!!

  • Good luck! Hope it's a sticky one πŸ€. Your kitties are lovely 😊 they'll be great company during your 2ww πŸ˜€ xxx

  • Stick embie stick...sending lots of love xxx

  • It only takes one. Good luck and welcome to the 2ww.

    My fur babies have ran off to sit in the sun and look for baby chicks. At least you have loyal cats!

    My clinic said that we are the best places for the embies to be so keep the faith that it will pick up and stick.

    My transfer went a bit array. First they put my husband's seat at the business end, I was like nooooo. Then the Dr couldn't find my cervix so had to change speculums to a longer one and the nurse we had today looked like Mrs Doyle from father Ted!

  • Hahahahahahahahaha Mrs Doyle doing your transfer... Time for the cocaine? I mean, embryo!

  • Good Luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi lovely, I'm having my transfer today, and I found out yesterday our one and only embryo is below average quality, has some fragmentation, and uneven cell division. I was gutted, but I know some people have had their BFP and miracle from low quality embryos so I'm cautiously optimistic still. Yesterday it was 4 cells at the point it was supposed to be 4 cells, so I suppose that's one positive.

    It's a tough journey isn't it, I will be thinking of you throughout the 2ww and hoping good things xxx

  • Good luck with transfer today Orla9298 πŸ€

  • Good luck today Orla9298 xxxx

  • Good luck today, you'll do great! After I came out I went to Greggs like the self destructive pastry lover I am :D

  • Best of luck Hun! Everything crossed for u xxx

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