2 week wait hardly any symptoms

Hi had transfer last Saturday, yes really sore boobs, did have bad belly but wouldn't say cramps as such, had a few twinges but could be in my head you never know, tryna stay calm, but everyone seems to have symptoms, sore boobs could be from the pessarys, how early did everyone test? I'm thinking of doing it two days before surely that's ok? Hubby thinks on the day or day before! I just wanna know and to get on with my life. Lots of women get bfp way early??? Xx

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  • Hi Del92. Symptoms or no symptoms means nothing. I've had 2 BFPs on IVF - one with symptoms and one without. On my 2nd I tested day before OTD and got a negative. But blood test on OTD was positive. It depends on the hormone levels being detectable. So there really is no telling until the day itself. Take each day as it comes and trust your embie is making itself comfy in there! x

  • Hi Del92, I had no symptoms at all and got a bfp! I waited until otd as I was worried that a negative would stress me out too much, but each to their own! Good luck 🍀

  • I dunno if I can wait that long haha! Great news x

  • The symptoms may be so confusing sometimes.. No great need to pay much attention to that and worry .. That's better to stay calm and wait those two weeks. I sometimes had the same ones but then got bfp.. For me the problems usually start later and I got my miscarriages .. :(

  • It drives you crazy doesn't it Im similar to you, I've had sore boobs on and off and I have cramps for 3 days after transfer but only in the morning and I had a migraine for 2 and half days after that but aside from that I've had no other symptoms - I test on Monday and darent do one before when are you due to test? Xx

  • Not this sat but one after but gonna test Friday, it's crazy! Been stressed due to having a new kitchen fitted which went a bit wrong but was sorted in a few hours, worried I may have stressed my body out to much xx

  • I think sometimes we overthink things too Im forever being like oh maybe I shouldnt lift that kettle as its a bit full and I might pull my ovaries or something then I think get a bloody grip it's a kettle ha ha they say implantation is from days 1-5 so hopefully your little embie will be firmly stuck in there now already and just making it's little home ️xx

  • Hope so!!! Fingers crossed I'm the same xxxx

  • Any other symptoms, I'm shattered constantly and a bit bloated? X

  • I've been really tired! In fact I've just been to sleep again for a nap this afternoon & defo sore full boobs - my test day is in the morning!! Eek!! Xx

  • Same as you! Any others? Good luck well done for waiting I'll be keeping an eye tomorrow! Wishing you best of luck 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞xx

  • Are you using pessaries? I'm using cyclogist twice a day and side affect can be tiredness sore boobs etc x

  • No Im on the progestorone injections but side affects can be just the same, I'll defo put an update tomorrow either way but fingers crossed for good news xx

  • Don't over think it. You are too early for symptoms and it is totally normal not to feel anything at this stage. Good luck 🤞🏻🍀

  • I had a sharp pain last night and cramps praying that's implantation xxx

  • The only symptoms I had were a few sharp stabbing pains low down but I really didn't think this was anything and I was so convinced I wasn't pregnant that I stayed in bed for 20 minutes on otd before getting up to do it only to find I got my first ever bfp on my first round of ivf. I'm now 6+4 and have my scan Wednesday. I still don't really have any symptoms so please don't worry that no symptoms means a negative

  • I had a sharp pain last night and cramps praying that was implantation xx

  • I had a sharp pain later in the night after eating fish and chips worried I've done damage xxxx

  • Hey hun, I know how you feel! I had transfer on Sat 22nd, I'm 8dp5dt today. I'm waiting for AF to show her ugly head today,this is my second round of IVF..last time AT showed 4 days before my test day, so that would be today! I've had cramps on and off yesterday and today so I've convinced myself it's over..so much so that I even had a white wine spritzer yesterday (it was my birthday 😬) I think my AF will come tomorrow as that's when it should be due, last time it was a day early. I'm on cyclogest twice a day so I think that could be what delaying it. I feel just like i did last time, I get really hot when I'm due on..! Same as you I had sore boobs, but now they're ok and not sore! It really is such a cruel process and I can't wait to get it over and done with one way or another! How are you feeling today? Xx

  • Hiya I'm okay really sore boobs, tired constantly felt sick yesterday, had a sharp pain Friday, and bad belly, cramps on and off, and really abdominal today and bloated, my cycle can range 28 to 35 days so it could be sometime next week I'll probs test Tuesday or Wednesday x

  • Ahh my test date is Thursday, I think I'm gonna wait till then to test. I was just reading that the progesterone can delay your period until you stop taking it. What pessaries are you on? I'm on cyclogest twice a day x

  • Mines sat, yeah same as you fingers crossed it's so hard to tell tbh, haven't had a period belly as of yet. But can happen anytime im dying to test but it yet to early and kinda don't wanna burst my bubble x

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