Symptoms vs No symptoms

So this is my first post for my first round of ICSI.

I am 6dp3dt and have no symptoms anymore, my boobs were really sore now they're just slightly tender but that is from the pessaries.

I see a lot of posts mentioning cramps. I haven't really had any. I had a tiny twinge today but probably only because I'm looking out for it.

I was hoping to know if anyone has had a BFP with no symptoms in their 2ww?


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  • Hi Cherrypop. I had my BFP on Sat and had hardly any symptoms. I had a handful of cramps/twinges but that was it. Boobs felt maybe the tiniest bit tender but I was looking out for everything lol. Everyone is different hun. Try and stay positive 😊😊😊

  • Honestly I have had two cycles of ivf one with symptoms the other without. I drove myself and by looking up symptoms and how I should feel.

    I know it's hard but we all react differently. The best thing is to relax do things you enjoy and wait for the dreaded 2 we to be over.

    Good luck I hope it's positive xxxxx

  • Thanks both of you :)

    That is what I wanted to hear! I don't want to look out for symptoms and I want to feel content knowing no symptoms means nothing lol.

    Congrats on your bfp misssav


  • Hi Cherrypo, I hardly had any symptoms, few cramps here and there and sore boobs that got less and less sore as the 2ww went on and looking back now I did feel tired at times and I got my BFP yesterday.

  • I will try to just live my life 'like a normal person' for the rest of my wait. I am not going to Google anything anymore. It doesn't help does it? Lol.

    Thanks Gemma and congrats again :) xx

  • I've got four days left to test - boobs I'd say are tender - and felt a couple of twinges today bit like a pull - but my minds probabally analysing everything thing at the minute! Lol would you say your twinge was like a pull? X good luck babes - when's your test day x

  • Do you mean like a pulled muscle?

    My twinge is basically just a very brief minor cramp that I probably wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't in this situation. Very minor.

    OTD is Wed 24th. I'm considering testing early though. Probably the morning of Sun 21st so it can be done before I go back to work next Mon. Not sure yet though. When is yours? Xx

  • Yea I suppose maybe just like a cramp but only for a couple of seconds!

    Mines Sunday Hun, so want to test early but hubby won't let me and il feel bad doing them on the sly. So I'm going to hold out may be the day before at the earliest if I peck his head.

    'Good things happen to those who wait' so I'm going to test that theory lol x

  • Well good luck and do keep us posted :) xx

  • Will do! Same goes to you too! X

  • If your going to test early do first response - wish people told me this first haha- there again because I tested early - I'd recommend you to wait honestly x I know it's hard and I wish I'd waited now

  • I have already decided I am definitely going to wait. Today I am 8dp3dt and on my otd I will be 13dpt which doesn't actually sound too long to wait. Keeping my FC! Xx

  • Hang on and we all send you lots of baby dust xx best wishes for BFP soon xx

  • Definitely hang on till test date, I did well I actually went 2 days past test date as we were away for the weekend with family and friends and didn't want to spoil the weekend if it was BFN. But at least I know it was an accurate test having gone over.

  • Thanks everyone :)

    And I think I will hang on Gemma. It's just so tempting... I think I may wait until next weekend and go a few days over as I don't want a negative mid-week then go to work the following morning!


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