Buserelin trigger?

Hi everyone,

I went for my last scan today before egg collection Wednesday (as long as estrogen levels ok). All of a sudden my ovaries appear to have gone mad and I now am at risk of ohss. They want me to trigger with buserelin instead of hcg.

I have been reading and it looks like there are much lower pregnancy rates with this trigger?

Has anyone had success using this?



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  • Hi Vicky. Oh dear – not what you want to hear at this stage. However, the clinic needs to be careful that you don’t end up poorly, hence the Buserelin. All can still work out OK, and hopefully you will still be able to have egg collection and eventual embryo transfer. However, if you do present with OHSS they may decide that it would be safer to store any developing embryos frozen, then do your transfer at a later date. Fingers crossed it won’t come to this, and all will be well. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thank you for the reply. At the moment they have said they will go ahead with transfer too so fingers crossed.

    Is it true that there is a lower pregnancy rate etc from buserelin? I'm so disappointed. Can't help thinking they should have scanned me yesterday!



  • Hi Spongy. it's more likely to be a lower amount of eggs collected, but shouldn't have any bearing on pregnancy rate. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, maybe you may get a couple of embryos that grow to blastocyst stage, which would give you a better chance. Diane

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