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Started spotting and due to test tomorrow after two week wait , following I'vf icsi freaking out !

Iv had on and off cramps during my two week wait after two day 3 embro tranfere and just had a bit of brown discharge and panicking has this happened to anyone and got positive . I'm due to test tomorrow .this is second time round never had this last time.

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As distressing as it is, they say bleeding is normal and can't be avoided unfortunately, but it's not necessarily bad - I'd say especially if it's only brown discharge and not full flow. My sister actually had a really bad bleed early on in her pregnancy and was amazed when there were two heart beats at her next scan :) As hard as it is, try not to lose hope. Have you called the clinic to discuss it? xxx


I'm due to do my pregnancy test tomorrow so was just going to leave it . If it is implantation bleeding would I get a positive result ? Or is it to late for implantation ?


I would definitely talk to them if you're worried about it, sometimes it's good to talk to a professional and they can really put your mind at ease. Otherwise you'll be stressing out without even knowing for sure. I'm not sure about implantation to be honest but my handbook says "some patients experience bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy, this can be frightening but doesn't necessarily mean the pregnancy is failing. Many patients have bleeding at one time or another throughout their pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies". I hope that helps, stay positive if you can xxx


Thanks for your reply il call them . X



I have had cramps on my 2ww and brown spotting on and off. I am now nearly 8wks, just had an early scan today and all is perfect.

Good luck for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a BFP


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Thanks for reply fingers and toes crossed cx


Brown blood is old blood so it could be implantation bleeding making its way out. Good luck for your test. Xx


Hi, Poppynco,

Similar to a few of the ladies above, I've been spotting and passing some tissue for a week now. I went for a blood test on Wed and they said my hcg levels looked really good. I am on my way to the second blood test to confirm.

I have also read somewhere (and I think my nurse said the same thing) that ladies that have gone through IVF are more prone to spotting and bleeding.

It is nerve racking, but hold on in there!


I did urine test this morning and positive so happy !!!


Congratulations!!!! Glad it worked out for you, that's excellent news 🎉🎉🎉


Hoping you have the same news on Tuesday xxx


Thanks Poppynco - still stimming at the moment so have quite a few hurdles yet to come but trying to remain positive xxx


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