Scared , Nervous And Confused!!

Hi All....

I have been waiting for what has seemed like an eternity for my follow up appointment after being told I need IVF treatment. Today I was contacted by my consultant who informed me my appointment will be on Monday 16th March...She then said it was necessary for me to have MRI scan and I have now booked in for the 29th March...The thing is last time I was in clinic I had a scan and it took them longer than any other scan I have ever had to do another doctor came in to look at the screen ...and now I feel confused as to why I have to have another??? I know I should have asked the doctor but didn't think was just trying to take it all in I think! so not really progressing much at moment , just feel so lost xx

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  • HI have you tried calling them to ask? I have not heard of any reason for an MRI scan but sure people have. Try to email or call them if you know whats going on it will help; Good luck

  • They said they found something in my womb...they said they are unsure what it is?? may be a polyps but they want to make sure..just a bit scared at moment cant believe this is happening to be honest ...cant wait until 29th get it over and done with ...but I have appointment with a dr from my clinic this Monday so going to express my concerns to him I think thank you for replying honey xx

  • Hello Liz1985, this whole process is very intense so when something doesn't go to plan it is so stressful. I imagine you're driving yourself crazy, letting your mind wander and imagining all sorts of things being wrong. The best thing you can do is try to relax and take your mind off it. Not always easy! I find reading really helps me to relax and I recently started tai chi (which was something my counsellor suggested). Generally, just try to keep busy. I have an appointment on Monday 16th too so I'll be thinking of you! Hope it goes well

    x x x

  • Hi Hopeful1982...

    How weird ...ill definitely be thinking about you too! lol ...I know im stopping smoking too so double stress!! second day without cigarettes now!! lol tai chi sounds like a really good idea I might look into that...was thinking about joining gym for a while need something to take my mind off it I think..Now they are saying they don't know if I am safe to scan as I had brain operation about 14 years ago when I was a teenager and apparently that makes me unsafe to I don't know what ill do from here? it just seems at the moment everything is against us :( ....but I will take one day at a time ...appointment by appointment and see what happens I have to phone them tomorrow when they have had chance to go through notes...don't forget to post hopeful1982 Monday and let us know how it went! good luck honey...I hope you get your little miracle really soon xxx

  • Thank you Liz1985. It feels a bit surreal to have our appointment -we've waited almost a year since our first referral.

    Well done on giving up smoking. I know it will be tough but worth it! I think Health Unlocked has a smoking cessation forum too so you might find that helpful.

    Gyms have lots of 'well being' classes now. I saw a counsellor who recommended tai chi but she suggested yoga or Pilates if I couldn't find a tai chi class. I enjoy it. It's low Impact so great if you're just starting at the gym, I feel like I'm learning a new skill and it is great for relaxtion!

    If they can't give you an MRI, I'm sure there will be another option for them to check what's going on. It sounds like they're telling you problems rather than giving solutions!

    Take care x

  • hello hopeful1982.....

    Thank you honey, your advice is very good....I am going to go to gym tomorrow and see what they offer...I feel like it's problem after problem for me at moment ....but it will be worth it if I get my little miracle at the end of it....I really appreciate your response I wish you knew how much you helped me thank you so much I hope you have every success in the with your journey...tomorrow is the day for us fingers crossed!! lol good luck love xxx

  • Glad it was helpful. Good luck for tomorrow x

  • u 2 love xx

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