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Safe Cold remedies?

Hello, looking for advice on what is safe to take when you are pregnant and have a cold. Just got my BFP yesterday, still in shock. Meanwhile I came down with horrid cold, I have taken paracetamol this morn but wondering if there is anything else that helps? Read that Lemsip is out, as has decongestant that in unsafe to take.

Thanks in advance.


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Paracetamol only I'm afraid. Try hot lemon and honey to drink and ensure you are taking some additional vitamin C to boost your immune system. xx

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Make your own lemon tea with lemon, honey and fresh ginger x


Oooh I was told ginger is fine when trying but avoid once pregnant. Love fresh ginger and lemon x


I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant after icsi and had a bad cold the other week , I had fresh lemon , fresh grated ginger and manuka honey in boiling water and just sip.

It worked a treat x

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