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Time off after transfer? Achy muscles?

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Just curious if people took much time off work after transfer? I was told by the clinic it is a personal choice, that you can pretty much get back to normal right away apart from a list of things to avoid for a week. I had ET yesterday and just thought I'd take it easy today & tomorrow and then it's the weekend anyway, so it would be 4 days of relaxing before getting back into routine.

I also wondered if anyone feels achy in the evening time? For the last couple of evenings, my muscles have become really achy at night time when I'm getting tired, particularly noticeable in my arms. It started the night before ET. I also seem to have a blocked nose today, but I do know your sinuses go a little crazy in pregnancy anyway. I had the flu vaccine a few weeks ago so I don't think it's anything to do with that. I'm still taking progesterone but everything else is finished. I did read that the steroids suppress your immune system, so I wondered if it was that but I finished these on Monday. After a good night's sleep the aches disappear. It's just weird.

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Hello, I only took the day of transfer off and went back to work. To be honest at the time I wished I had taken a couple of days but on the otherhand I think the routine was good and it helped take my mind off the wait! I also have a desk job so it's not physically demanding in anyway. In the end we got a BFP so it didn't make any difference!

We all want our treatment to be a success do it's difficult not to overanalysise everything!

Good luck with the 2ww x

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Tlove in reply to Hopeful1982

Thanks, occupying myself with Netflix and knitting for the time being and I think I'll be back at work on Monday. My husband wants me to watch Game of Thrones to catch up with him, I'm not so sure I'll like it though!

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Hopeful1982 in reply to Tlove

I watched lots of box sets during the 2ww and found it really helped distract me. We also did a couple of cinema trips. The knitting sounds like a good plan - hopefully you'll be making booties in a few weeks!

Good luck x

For my first round of IVF in March I just took the time off for the egg collection and embryo transfer then went back to work after the weekend. That cycle failed.

This time (I had it again a couple of weeks ago). I took the whole of the 2ww off because I am a fitness instructor and although I can have good intentions of taking it easy, I teach classes so it's not that simple. I didn't want to look back and think I had done too much so took the time off so I had no regrets. This cycle also failed.

So, what I am trying to say is that sometimes it doesn't seem to matter what you do, if it's going to work it will and if it's going to fail it will! What you don't want though is to look back and regret anything you did but if you don't have a physical job there is no reason why you should take the time off. It actually helps to have as many distractions as possible as you can get a little obsessive in the 2ww and it drags if you have nothing to do!

With regards to the aching, I'm not really sure as everyone reacts differently. You've put your body through a lot and so you'll be tired and your body could be fighting bugs off. I came down with a hideous cold the night of my embryo transfer which turned into a sinus infection. I think it was just that it was the first time I'd relaxed in a while and my body had given up fighting off bugs!

Good luck with it x

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Tlove in reply to Cazo

Thanks Cazo, that's really sound advice you give. I think you're right that if it's going to work, it will regardless of what you do. I also think it is better to be occupied as I am already over analysing everything!

My body feels better now, not so achy anymore, although my digestion is gone a bit funny now!

I'm really sorry to hear you had 2 cycles that didn't work. I hope you will be 3rd time lucky. x

I'd rest up for two weeks.. I just had bed rest this time round and it worked for me. X good luck

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Tlove in reply to samrakkar

Two weeks sounds like a long time! Were you recommended to go on bed rest? I didn't think it would be recommended due to the threat of clots, particularly on IVF treatment as the drugs make you susceptible.

No they never told me to. They said just have two weeks off to chill. This is my 5th attempt and this time I didn't do a thing. In my eyes for me it worked. When I say bed rest I'm still moving around and the house but just chilling. Doubt that about clots as I take asprin and clexane. I'm almost 10 weeks and been at home literally resting all the way through so I know I've given it my best shot this time round. I'm planning on going back to work next week half days until I reach the 12 week mark.

Each to their own hun.. I'm just telling you what worked for me and what I did differently x

Good luck

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Tlove in reply to samrakkar

That's great that this cycle is going well for you, you must be so happy / relieved. I know what you mean - you have to feel that you've done all you can to make it work. I'm going on aspirin and heparin as well but not until a positive test - was diagnosed with pregnancy related APS last year.

Good luck x

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