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Anti-Allergy tablets

Hey all,

Looking for advice on if there are any safe anti-allergy tablets I can take during both my 2ww and potential pregnancy? I get very occasional dust/mould spore allergic reactions which give me hideous breathing/wheezing issues. The only thing which clears it is an anti-histamine tablet, sometimes only half a tablet does the trick. On all the labels except Piriteze and Zirtek it says do not take during pregnancy, and on those other two it says to seek GP advice.

I am seeing the GP next week to clarify, but does anyone know if there are any safe ones people are aware of?

Thanks, xxx

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Hello smallcat,

I had an allergic reaction when I was a few weeks pregnant. The doctor told me that, although they were marked as not to use in pregnancy, he was happy to prescribe them as there was no evidence they go any harm. In the end I just wanted for my allergy to clear so I would just double check with your GP (or pharmacist) in case there are any that you should avoid. The GP will probably just write you a prescription.

Good luck with your 2ww



A pharmacist will definitely know. They know more about drugs than doctors! And no waiting to see. I sympathise as have allergy's and currently trying to cope without my usual drugs x

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