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RIF- Recurrent Implantation Failure 😔

Hello Courageous Ladies,

I've had 3 transfers and 3 negative pregnancy tests in the last year with seemingly 'good' embies 😔 it's so frustrating and upsetting. We've started to think about having immunology tests and changing our approach. I just wanted to get a bit of insight into how many of you have had a similar number of non implantation incidences and what you've done instead. Have you had success? Please say yes...


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Hi I'm currently on my 5th 2ww, test date is this Thursday. We have tried 2day embryos, fresh and frozen, a blastocyst and currently two 3day embryos on board. Not feeling too positive just think it's going to fail again as more used to it not working now. If this cycle doesn't work we are going to ask about trying a uterine scratch and/or embryo glue in future. What are immunology tests? Sorry I'm not much help with your question but will be also checking replies as I'd also like to know. It's definately a lot to go through. Good luck Xx


Hi Flossy

I know exactly how you feel, by the third time I was just expecting it not to work, I'm now used to the bad news, a pretty sorry place to be. I'm fed up of consultants not knowing why it's going wrong and saying it should work... Immunology tests are to find out if you have NK cells amongst other things, which basically are hostile to the embryos (caution: my explaination is not medical and indeed it seems even the IVF doctors don't all agree to their presence and controversial treatment). However I met someone who has had 8+ miscarriages, went to the ARGC in London having tested positively for these NK cells and then treated for them and now has twins. I'd like to know of more success stories in particular from recurrent implantation failures.



Immunology tests were suggested for us at extra cost of course! There were 2 levels but I'd had most of the level 1 done on the NHS for recurrent miscarriage. As they showed nothing of significance the conclusion was my age and egg quality so for our third go at ICSI we had donor eggs and didn't have any further tests.

The consultants seem to differ on opinions, our first clinic didn't advise them as they said they were expensive and it was better to use the money on the next round of treatment. They prescribed steroids for rounds one and two but that didn't make any difference for me, we still got BFNs. The second clinic said that the tests only show anything in 10% of cases. They don't prescribe steroids unless the tests show you need them.

It is very frustrating when the consultants don't know why when everything has gone as it should and differ in their opinions.

Good luck.


Hi pm27 . I agree with u is just frustrating when they tell u it should work but didn't and we "don't know why"...... My unsuccessful cycle I had in March . I was on low dose 150ui and they collect 11 eggs .They put one blastocyst and morula on day 5 .... i remember on transfer day they say u can end up with two :) I was so happy till test day 😔 Well now is around 7 months since and I need to say sometimes is good to wait before u go thru another cycle. I'm so so happy to all girls heare who share with them experience . I learn so much I'm finding out news Which they helping me if its come to "ask"...the right questions . My GP now is helping me with letter to CCG and contacting with the doctor for referral me for dye test. So far I going to have my dye test this Thursday coming to check if my only one tube is not block. I hope is ok . Then waiting time for CCG to respond . We want to do few test to make sure that everything is ok from my side . Now is that NK cells test I find out is worth to check for that too.... If my side is clear then we gonna think what is ours next step ...maybe second cycle ...don't know yet .



I am at the lister.... Failed previous 2 cycles elsewhere and previous miscarriage, no reason for it other than "oh well try again...:( that's my money thank you very much.

Just paid out 1500 in blood test and they were negative for NK cells.

It's a catch 22 this is our last attempt as its really exspensive and emotional and stressful to say the least we are throwing everything we have including putting off the wedding.

If this doesn't work we are done. Go with what you think is right, give it your all leave no room for ifs and buts....

Good luck 😘


Hi Tamtam

I'm pleased you don't have the NK cells but I guess it must also be frustrating not knowing why. I want a problem that can be fixed if you know what I mean.

I've heard good things about the lister, they do ERA there, may be worth a go? Have you thought about cgh array? We may do that next.

I think try everything too, so you can move on (if need be) having tried everything.

I wish you all the very best luck with your next cycle, I'd love to hear how you get on.



Check your immunes nk cells testing... that was my problem after 15 years of ttc. . Took meds for my immunes and boom I'm pregerz xx


Also definitely have the glue and the scratch is a must x


Hi Maria-Louisa. What people have said already about immune testing is true - some Drs agree some dont, which really isnt helpful! There is a super book 'Is your body baby friendly? by Dr Alan Beer. I read this after a failed IUI and failed ICSI and then an early miscarriage following ICSI (I took baby aspirin for this cycle). I had the basic immune and thrombophilia (blood clotting) tests done (about £1000 5 years ago) and was convinced they would come back with a problem. Tests were all fine - argg. However, the miscarriage consultant I saw (he agrees with Dr Beer) agreed that I could do the drugs as if I did have a problem. On our next ICSI cycle....our daughter is now 4! I dont know if the drugs made a difference, we'll never know but I am so grateful that I looked into it and the consultant gave us this advice. Happy for you to PM me. All the best everyone. x


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