Recurrent Implantation Failure clinics?

Hello ladies

I heard back from my clinic in Spain and they want to try a natural cycle with my last embryo, I pushed them on doing tests before we proceed but they don’t think we are going to learn anything. 🤔

I’m really unhappy about this and so we’ve decided to leave the embie in the freezer whilst we find a clinic that specialises in Recurrent Implantation Failure and see what we can learn and find out from having a full investigation. There has to be something wrong and I don’t want to waste our last embie.

I have also started looking at Donor egg refund programmes here and in Spain for a bit later down the line.

Please do let me know if you have any experience of clinics that specialise in RIF or Donor Egg refund programmes ?

Thanks ladies

😘 xx

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  • Hi Hanna

    Most of the fertility gynecologist have experience in regard failed implantation

    Did u checked for endometriosis??

    there are procedure such as endometrium scratch and embryo glue

    but to be honest the result is not grantee That's what I was told . So be hopeful you will get pregenant .

    Iam trying acupuncture , healthy diet , lots of water and exercise and the rest I leave it to god

  • Hello lovely, I’m looking for clinics with more experience in this area, I’m seeing some have specialists units.

    Yes I don’t have endometriosis, I’ve had many scratch’s and also glue, tried acupuncture, diet, exercise etc . God’s not really helping me so need intervention 🙌. I’ve had so many BFNs that I’m looking for some answers.

    Wishing you all the best on your journey hun xx

  • Hey hun I so get how you are feeling as I have been there. I am now of the view that we could be throwing money at more tests and not necessarily get any answers. I think it is still all so new this that unexplained does mean unexplained for now as new developments all the time. Then you get the most amazing stories on here against all the odds..what am I trying to say. .I am not sure I guess I worry we might not get the answers we so desperately search but I hope you do find some and with one embie you are wise to consider options again. Hugs and good luck xxx

  • I feel the same, i feel like I’m searching for a needle in a haystack and paying thousands of pounds to clinics for nothing!

    I feel switching to a natural cycle with my last one is a bit like roulette! Surely there must be a clinic out there that can help.

    Thank you lovely xx

  • I am on a natural fet now but with steroids and blood thinners after transfer. I just do whatever drugs they suggest now😯xxx

  • Good luck Hun 🍀,

    I’ve only tried medicated transfers before, and have tried steroids and blood thinners when I was doing my own egg cycles. I haven’t tried that combo on Donor before - may be I should! Xx

  • Hey, have you thought about having your NK cells tested? I had 2 unsuccessful FET’s on both times I had top quality blastocyst transferred and even my consultant agreed it didn’t make sense so for my last cycle I was on steroids. Maybe be worth looking into as it sounds like you’ve tired everything else xx

  • Yes that’s on my list to ask about. Thank you. My Spanish clinic doesn’t think I should test for this though, which is why I’m looking for an alternative for some tests before we use up our last embie.

    Thank you Hun, I hope you’re holding up ok xx 😘

  • Hi Hannah, Dr Siobhan Quenby. Recurrent implantation investigations x

  • Thank you 🙌 xx

  • Hey hun I am currently having tests done at Coventry hospital to get my NK cells checked. They offer you two tests. I also have had two failed ivfs with top blastocyst. Good luck and private message me if you need more advise. Good luck

  • Thank you lovely xx

  • Did they put you on Blood thinners??? My clinic in Prague put me on them to help with early miscarriage...

  • Yes i take an aspirin everyday and blood thinners during the IVf xx

  • Zita west clinic in London also specialises in the immune system attacking embryos and testing for NK cells x

  • Ah that’s great, thank you. I’ll check them out xx

  • Before you go ahead and pay privately, try and call Tommy’s they supported me with miscarriage information and recurrent testing criteria for free treatment via NHS xxxx

  • Thank you, I would have never thought of that. Thank you 🙌 xx

  • Google hysteroscopy with implantation cuts and a clinic in Athens will come up. I truly believe this helped me get BFP this time (3rd go with DE) we went there for this then flew to Cyprus the month after for the IVF round at our chosen clinic. X

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