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IVF helpbook

Hi everyone,

We are just waiting to start our first IVF cycle as I have to take the pill for 21 days to try and induce a bleed. We popped into a bookshop on the way home from our coordination appt and I found a copy of 'Get a life. A his and hers guide to IVF'. I just wanted to say I have found it extremely refreshing and so helpful. It tells you everything practical that you need to know but also the emotional side. It also tells it from a male and female perspective which has really helped me to understand how my hubby might be feeling through all of this. Most helpfully I think it has shown me that I'm not alone in my emotions. The anger, frustration and deep sadness is written in an honest and actually humorous way. It also helps to remind me that there is more to life than IVF and I am not worthless because of what is happening.

If anyone is struggling on the journey it might be worth a read.

Just thought I'd share.

Is anyone else looking to start the cycle around 18/10/15?

Good luck to everyone xx

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Hi Spongy, we're about to start our first cycle (injections tonight - yikes!) and just want to add that I've also read the book. It's refreshing to see the male perspective on the whole thing as we're in this as a team and don't want him to think it's all about me. So easy to read and always great to go back over. Good luck with your cycle Xx


Couldn't agree more. Hope your first injections went ok and I wish you all the luck in the world with the cycle. Let us know how you go? I just can't wait to get started!

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Thanks for the recommendation Spongy I'm going to look this up online. I bought the Zita West book 'A Guide to Fertility & Assisted Conception' (one of the girls on this forum recommended it to me). I found it so informative and have gone over certain chapters again while going through my 2nd cycle 💚 x x


Thank you for telling us about the book I have just ordered one too! Out clinic the Oxford fertility clinic also has made a really helpful video to explain the process it's on you tube if anyone would find it useful! Good luck everyone xxx


Thanks for the tip Emma. Are you on your first cycle? X


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