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Hello everyone how's everyone keeping hope there are some positive tests and all negatives are staying strong ( as myself ) x I was just wondering if anyone out there done what I did and then felt guilty.. did anyone of u ladies went and bought baby stuff even if there's no baby yet.. I did buy pram as it was great offer and then when we went for our first scan to count follicules we said let's do it when we have to stay positive it's part if it and bought wee plain white body suits .. then I shared on Facebook for family and friends that I was PUPO after transfer.. now I sit and think if we played with faith.. and it doesn't feel good.. maybe should no done it xx

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  • Dont be too hard on yourself Miroslava. Everyone's different. I haven't bought any baby things throughout my ivf journey, I'm quite superstitious and traditional that way. I personally couldn't have bought a pram because to me it would've been a constant reminder of what I don't have and I would probably torture myself staring at it all the time. If you think it helps you through this process and it works for you then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Stay strong! 😚 x x

  • I have bought a bouncer as it was on offer and after thought what if. But had 2 negatives without it so it cant hurt and if i dont have any children if we arent lucky enough i will either give it as a present or sell it on ebay. You arent alone with this feeling but sometimes you just need something that is going to make you feel that little bit more positive. Dont feel bad, just keep positive and fingers crossed you will be lucky xx

  • Don't beat yourself up about buying baby things. It's very tempting when you see great offers. You haven't done anything wrong.

    I haven't bought anything during our treatment, currently on round 3. I did buy a couple of toys when pregnant naturally but unfortunately had a missed miscarriage. I gave one thing to a friend and the other toy is in the loft, maybe one day it will get used by our baby and maybe it won't.

    Look after yourself.

  • I've done it!

    I was allowing myself one thing a month, as an aid to positive thinking. Got as far as buying a cot and started decorating the nursery and thought best take a break shopping! I may well buy a few more bits if I need cheering up. I am a planner by blood so cant help myself but figure if I don't fall pregnant (3.5 yrs trying, just about to start ivf) then we'll adopt it find a way so the nursery wont go to waste!

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