Infection after HSG

Has anyone had an infection after an HSG? I had mine done about 3 weeks ago, it was really painful and I was sore and crampy for a few days. Had my period last week which was heavier and more painful than usual.. then (sorry for the graphic info) as soon as the bleeding stopped I started to get a mustard-yellow clear mucusy discharge. I still have a lot of pelvic pain and feel generally crap. I don't have any fever though.

I am really worried as if this is an infection I've had it for 2-3 weeks, so god knows what new damage has been done. Scared!!

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  • Hi macerpops I had my hsg last November and although dye went through ok my hsg was incredibly painful. And I had period pains for a few days afterwards and felt very weak and tired for a day or 2. I also had a really heavier than normal period I told my consultant and he said that was normal. Did ur clinic not prescribe u antibotics prior to the hsg? I thought that was standard practice. To prevent any infections occurring.If u have any concerns and are worried I would contact ur clinic ASAP. Good luck Hun hope it goes well x x x

  • Yes I had antibiotics afterwards and finished the course ok. Just don't know what is going on.. going to be a long wait until the clinic opens tomorrow morning.

  • Must be so worrying for u. Poor u.Does ur clinic not have a nurse on duty out of hours that you can call? X x x

  • Hi maccerpops. I hope you managed to get some helpful advice from your clinic when they re-opened. Although you had antibiotics following your HSG, if an infection did occur, it could just be that the antibiotic prescribed, did not cover the type of bacteria that you may have had. I’m sure they will arrange for you to have some swabs taken and/or blood tests if the discharge continues, so that they can isolate what the cause is. Best of luck with it all. Diane

  • Hi macerpops how are you? I hope that everything went ok at ur clinic and that you're feeling better now

    X x x

  • Hi yes I have an infection but just hoping it hasn't gone beyond my cervix. 10 days of antibiotics now. Thanks x

  • I'm glad it's sorted out now :) Thank god it didn't go up past ur cervix that's good news. You'll be feeling better very soon I'm sure. Take care X x x

  • Thanks! My poor old hubby, it is a miracle that he still even remotely fancies me after the last 3 years.. between having to put up with me after my operations, giving me bed baths, rubbing my back to try and help clear my wind, doing my enema's (yes, he actually did that!! :)), catching my vomit in a bowl then wiping my chin, and now vaginal infections.. I can't believe he still actually finds me attractive!!

  • I got a massive infection after the HSG and it took a few attempts to clear. Stay on top of it! And why hubby's stick around with all the yucky stuff is beyond me! Must be love goggles...

  • Hi there how are u?Can u please tell me how u find out u actually had an infection after the hsg?

  • Lower abdominal pain and high fever!

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