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Advise on a trial

Hi all,

At our DR scan we had yesterday we was told about a trail that they are offering the first 120ppl. Which would usually cost £3000.

It's called illumina & it runs along side the normal IVF process.


We we're told it's a fantastic way to make sure the embryo they place back is the healthiest of them all (chromosomes etc)

The thing is with this process it does mean it will add another 6 week wait onto the already long process & it still doesn't guarantee you a BFP although claims to boost chances a little (see link)

Has anybody else been offered this or even going for it?

Not sure if this is just Oxford or offered across the country.

It has left us both a bit confused as to now what we want & what would be best.

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Hi Rach316

We have also attended Oxford and were offered the trial back in January. We still haven't had ivf as currently exploring other possibilities but we did consider it. As you said, the downside was having to have a frozen transfer rather than fresh, adding 6 weeks.

When (or if) we have ivf, I'm still unsure whether we'd take part, probably as it genetically screens the embryo, but the wait will play a role in our decision.

Best of luck! Hope it all works out fantastically for you :)


Thank you!

I know it sounds silly, but for me it all falls down to the 6 week wait. I know it doesn't sound long but just feels like we have been waiting so long, and had our heart set on a day to then be told if we choose to do the trail it will be a longer wait!

We just really don't know what to do....


It's not silly at all! I totally understand where you're coming from and I think we'll have the same dilemma. The only reason we're holding off IVF is because I believe it won't work for us due to a health issue I have that's not yet resolved. When you've been trying for years, every day counts... Even the 2 week wait (even when you know it probably hasn't worked for the umpteenth time) is so hard to put up with!

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Thank you!! Good luck in which ever path you choose. Xx


I would be really interested in this as it was discussed at the beginning of my third cycle but we couldn't afford it. Do you have any more information.


Kirdrew xxx



The only information we have is in the link above. We are due to discuss it more on our next appointment.

Hope you get all the information you need!

Good luck!



Hi that's a really hard decision to make. Other factors to consider are, you need to have embryos that make it to blastocyst & are considered a good enough quality to freeze & then they also need to defrost OK.

For lots of people this is fine but for some the blastocysts that are put back aren't considered OK for freezing but end up turning into a healthy pregnancy anyway.

If you have suffered a miscarriage or have anything in your or your partners history to indicate there could be an issue then it will probably be worth it.

Good luck in your journey x


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