Feeling positive

Feeling positive

Hi everyone,

Today I've returned from Ibiza where I've been on a yoga retreat for a week. It was a much needed holiday and gave me time to put things in perspective a bit and prepare for the autumn when I start ICSI.

I've come back feeling very positive and committed to exercising to help me stay sane and take time to enjoy and notice simple things.

In the north of Ibiza there's a beach where people applaud and cheer as the sun sets. Without sounding too much like a hippy (or a pagan) I really enjoyed this and it made me realise how disconnected I can be in my busy life, and want to be more in-tune.

I just wanted to share this picture and positive sentiments.

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  • Glad your In a positive place. Sounds and looks perfect.

    Good luck with your treatment xxx

  • How lovely! :-) I know what you mean, I got on my bike for the first time in a while the other day and it really made me realize how much we speed through life and don't take the time to breath the air and enjoy our surroundings. Good luck with your treatment x

  • Lovely pic.

    Glad to hear that you benefitted from the break.

    Good luck with your treatment.

  • I'm glad you had a nice time Erland and its good to hear you're feeling relaxed and ready to go! I found infertility made me open to trying things (like acupuncture and tai chi) that I would have previously thought were too 'new age' for me. One of the few positives about this journey I think! x

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and photo. I have just this week attend a yoga class and intent to continue the classes each week. Good luck with you treatment. Xxx

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