Positive feeling!!!!!

Hi all x I wanted to post today as I woke up with a huge positive feeling today. I am seriously kicking ivf's ass!!! Lol

I was SSSOOOOOO petrified of the whole thing and really didnt think I would ever be able to inject but I am doing this. I am injecting myself and apart from feeling a little up and down and hot sweats I am feeling great and positive that this will all be worth it. I am still only at the first hurdle but fingers crossed its all going to plan and i can keep up this PMA x

How is everybody else feeling today?!?

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  • Hi mrsmc84. Well done you! Good to hear that you are getting the hang of it and not suffering too much. At least you are up and running now and I wish you all the best during this cycle. Diane

  • Good on you...I too kicked my needle phobia second time around... It's so hot where I live and didn't want to risk going back and forth to hospital with a cool bag so between myself and my hubby we achieved it!!! amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it....achievement!!!! Woohoo!!

  • That is brilliant to read!!! I really believe that positivity is a huge part of IVF!! It helped me, I refused to let it get me down or consume my life and it worked!! We are pregnant with Twins! (hope you don't mind me saying that). I think positivity helps your body cope!! Go kick IVF's butt and keep going! you are doing amazing and it will all be worth it!! :-) GO YOU!! :-) xxx

  • Well done mrsmc84, good on you for all the positivity. Good luck with it all. Thanks for this post x

  • I love posts like this as they give me hope and make me smile!! Well done on making such a great start and as I'm about to start the process, your bravery will hopefully rub off on me!! I'm very nervous of that very first injection but I think it may be a case of mind over matter. Any tips you ladies have will be more than welcome! X

  • You will be absolutely fine I promise. I had a huge needle phobia but by injecting myself it's my little bit of control on the whole thing. I have been told that if you hold ice on the spot your injecting you dont feel it but I havent felt the need to. It stings a tiny bit but its over in a min. You can do it!!!!! Go girl xxx

  • I started my injections this morning and managed to inject myself too!! I was terrified and cried a bit before the needle even went in lol it wasn't as bad as I thought, I think the trick is to go fast :-)

  • Thank you ladies, hearing how you cope really does give me courage. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following your success stories ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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