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Finally a diagnosis

After 8+ years of problems with my menstrual cycle or lack of! I have finally been given a diagnosis. what they once though we're cysts on my ovaries are actually paused eggs. I was born with a hormone inbalance that gynae never diagnosed.

I was referred to the fertility outpatients at my local hospital. I have been diagnosed and began treatment. I am on 10mg of probers twice daily for 14 days. I hopefully will then have a period, towards the end of my period I will be given another scan to check the lining of my womb. All being well I will go straight on fertility treatment for 5 days ( clomid I would guess?) didn't ask we were to excited to finally have a diagnosis.

Has anyone been on his treatment ? Did you have side effects and did it work did you conceive ?

Any advice ?


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Hi Kwr89. I haven’t had this treatment personally, but have supported others in the past that have. Hopefully, all will go well for you, with just a headache or two, and maybe some mood swings too. These are possible side effects of Clomid. Will be thinking of you, and of course, I hope you have success. Diane


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