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So close yet so far away

My God it feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Went to see consultant today for post op check after tube removal now bearing in mind the day of the operation he said to me now you need to loose the extra weight so I can get you started straight onto IVF we don't want any more delays.

So that what I expected I'm well below bmi 30 now think it's actually 28 . But now he's said because I have 1 tube I need to try for a couple of months first ( I was always going to have 1 tube) and yes it would be lovely to fall pregnant naturally but after trying for 2 years I've just given up all hope!

My dh tried to push a little to get it brought forward for the consultant to announce he's on holiday for a month in October so it will have to be November ! So what is actually more important at this NHS hospital his holiday or my treatment ! Siiiggghh I don't know why some other doctor at the clinic couldn't start us off.

Can anyone tell me from actually signing paper work with consultant how long does it take to get ivf treatment started. ..... all my tests are done just need the last hurdle

I'm devastated and I know it's not that long to wait but today it feels like a like time

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Ok the appointment where I accepted the treatment and finally signed the paperwork I was given my injection lessons and started two weeks later. Hopefully yours is the same. The waiting is one of the hardest things isn't it. Good luck xx


Hi thanks daisy14 I will keep my fingers crossed that it's that easy for us to. Yes the waiting is awful you just constantly want to get to the next stage! And I think I'd planned in my own head a time frame I thought was realistic well obviously it wasn't :(

And so we pick ourselfs up dust our self's down and be ready to face what November brings.

Good luck with your journey and sending u loads of baby dust x

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Exactly...I know I spend so long trying to control timings and manage things in my head when I first got refered but it's fruitless. So hard to be passive and follow on when it's something you want so much. Book a holiday or few days away?Thoughts and good luck to you xx


We have a few days booked for October so that will give me something to concentrate on.

No one can prepare you for the emotions even before u get on full treatment but hopefully all these highs and lows will pay off


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