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Survived egg collection :-)

Had egg collection 5 hrs ago and now in bed internet surfing n eating chocs :-)

Was so nervous last night but today was easier than anticipated (apart from no anaesthetist til they managed to get one in over an hour late!)

The NHS staff were great and made all of us feel as relaxed as possible...

From reading some posts on here I was convinced I'd wake up n feel the needle etc but the sedation feeling was rather like having a snooze on a long-haul flight and apart from them having to apply lots of pressure to my abdomen to locate two hard-to-locate follicles, gladly it was discomfort rather than sharp pain.

I asked them to try n check the final 2 follicles but they were too hard to reach so unfortunately out of approx 18 there are only 3 eggs!


You never know though, there might be a good one in there so fingers crossed...

If not we'll defo go back to Plan B of adopting!

Off for a country drive with hubby now :-) xx

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Glad it went well. Take it easy tomorrow too. I felt quite sore & heavy for a while afterwards. Good luck with the next stage, xxx

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Aw well done, and just remember it only takes one xxx


Glad it went well. This has reassured me greatly as I've got my egg collection tomorrow and to say I'm nervous is a slight understatement! Fingers crossed for those 3 eggs xx

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Everyone in the waiting room looked slightly scared today but we all got through it. Must say I'm rather bloated now n it's sore to walk but we've just been for a slow n steady half mile walk in the dark and that's loosened my muscles a bit - in a good way I mean! Good luck for tomorrow chuck xx

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So exciting. Fingers crossed for you xx


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